Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

3. Racist T-shirts

The melange of allegations of specific racist conduct in the July 11 Washington Times article also included descriptions of racist T-shirts for sale at the campground. The article described examples of such shirts as "Martin Luther King's face behind a target, O.J. Simpson in a hangman's noose and white D.C. police officers with a black man sprawled across the hood of their car under the words 'Boyz on the Hood.'" The article claimed such items were "still" for sale at the 1995 Roundup. These allegations were repeated at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on July 21. In his affidavit to the Committee, Hayward alleged that District of Columbia Metropolitan police officers had shirts showing black suspects spread across the hood of a police car with the words "Boyz on the Hood." He also alleged that individuals from another agency had a "pocket nigger" T-shirt with a picture of the Buckwheat character from the Little Rascals television program "coming out of the pocket." He claimed further to have seen a Roundup participant wearing a T-shirt with a silhouette of an African-American with "cross-hairs" on it, which he called the "running nigger" T-shirt.