Report of Investigation Concerning Alleged Mismanagement and Misconduct by Carl J. Truscott, Former Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Special Report
October 2006
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix C
ATF Documentary Outline

Director: Carl Truscott

KEY: First Box In Row Relates With First Box In
Row Located Under The Sub Topics.

  • National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN)/Gun Forensics
  • Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT)
  • National Response Team (NRT)
    • ATF Response Truck
  • Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN)
  • Tobacco Analysis
     ✓ Explosives Detection Canines
  • Alcohol Analysis
  • Fire Research Lab (FRL)

Sub Topics

➢ Mission
➢ Purpose
➢ Goals
➢ Technology
➢ Violations
➢ Investigations
    (Undercover Work?)

➢ Mission
➢ Purpose
➢ Goals
➢ Cities Involved

➢ Mission
➢ Purpose
➢ Goals
➢ Equipment on Truck
➢ Technology
➢ Past Locations (Ex. 9/11)
➢ Accomplishments
➢ People Involved

➢ Mission
➢ Purpose
➢ Goals
➢ Technology

➢ Mission
➢ Purpose
➢ Goals
➢ Technology
➢ How it's analyzed

✓ Mission
✓ Purpose
✓ Goals
✓ Accomplishments
✓ Relationship with K-9's.
✓ Training

I'd like to interview you
about the broad and general description of the ATF.
(Ex. History, Mission,
Accomplishments, Purpose,
Goals [Future], Stats, etc)

[see table below titled "Interviewees"]

➢ Mission
➢ Purpose
➢ Goals
➢ Technology
➢ How it's analyzed
➢ Their communication with

➢ Mission
➢ Purpose
➢ Goals
➢ Technology
➢ Equipment
➢ The Lab Itself
➢ How it's used


❖ Ballistic Agent [to talk about
    NIBIN and the technology
    used to link incidents
    and the culprit.]

❖ G.R.E.A.T. Leader Director
    [to briefly talk about
    the program]

❖ Alcohol/Tobacco Agent
    [to briefly talk about the
    technology and their lab

✓ K-9 Trainer Agent [I can
    handle this one.]

Simply stated, by briefly "Interviewing" the agents/personnel, the viewers can gain knowledge on the topic. "Interviewing" can be done by sitting down in a chair with proper lighting, etc [which is what I'd like to do when I interview you;]to simply getting a few sentences from an agent standing outside in the hallway.

❖ Explosives Agent [to briefly
    talk about the NRT truck.]

❖ Fire/Arson Agent [to briefly
    talk about the lab and
    reconstructing the fires.]

November 17, 2004

Uncle Carl,

After studying the information over the last couple weeks, I'm proud to have produced a very clear and organized Outline for you.

You may think this looks complicated, however, it is not...

  • The top half of the paper has a box which includes the Major Topics I thought necessary to cover in the ATF.
  • The bottom half over the paper has an even bigger box with sub-topics for each Major Topic. [These are in relation with the Major Topics.]
  • The very bottom of the page includes a box with possible interviewees for those Major topics.
    [These aren't in order with them.] I just suggested those positions to be interviewed.

F.Y.I.: The kinds of "interviews" I will be conducting won't include me, the "host" or the "Interviewer." In fact, I will never be on camera. I simply just want the interviewee, or the ATF Agent in this case, to be talking about the topic in front of the camera.

However, since you are the Director of the ATF, it's up to you who I can interview and place on camera.

In conclusion, once you have reviewed this Outline and made any changes you deem necessary, then we can discuss possible interviewees for the near future.

Thank you very much!



P.S. The "Explosives Detection Canines" Topic - I believe I can cover with this woman of the Philadelphia Division. Therefore you don't have to worry about that. I just put it on the outline to include it all.

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