Appendix F


A-FILE -- Alien file, Immigration and Naturalization Service

AGUADO, Marcus -- Contra pilot at Ilopango Airport, alleged drug trafficker, and reportedly Eden Pastora's representative in El Salvador

AGUILAR, Roberto -- One of Blandon's associates in Los Angeles

ALBA, David E. -- FBI agent on the "Frogman Case"

ALLARD, Ed -- Assistant United States Attorney in the San Diego U.S. Attorney's Office, Chief of the Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Section

AMADOR, Carlos -- Contra pilot who used Ilopango Airport in El Salvador

ANDERSEN, Crossan -- Los Angeles Assistant United States Attorney who supervised the Blandon OCDETF investigation in 1987

ARDE -- Alianza Revolucionaria Democratica, Democratic Revolutionary Alliance, the Southern Front of the Contra movement

ASAC -- Assistant Special Agent in Charge

ASSET -- An individual, paid or unpaid, used by the CIA to provide services or information, generally not on a permanent basis

ATF -- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

AUKLAND, Douglas -- FBI agent who investigated Blandon in the Los Angeles OCDETF case in 1987

AUSA -- Assistant United States Attorney

AVILES-Saenz, Francisco -- Political Secretary of the PCNE and one of the individuals who signed documents stating that Julio Zavala had received $45,000 from the PCNE

AVRIGAN, Tony -- A journalist who, with Martha Honey, filed a 1986 civil lawsuit against several defendants for damage done to them by the defendants' alleged conspiracy to violate the Neutrality Act

BALLADARES, Leysla -- Sister of Danilo Blandon

BARENG, Rudy -- DEA agent who participated in the investigation of the Blandon organization in Los Angeles, California

BERMUDEZ, Enrique -- A leader of the FDN's military effort

BERRELLEZ, Hector -- DEA agent who assisted in the execution of the search warrants on the Blandon organization in October 1986 by the LASD deputies, now retired

"BIG SPENDER CASES" -- Series of eleven trials against corrupt LASD deputies   prosecuted by the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney's Office, beginning in 1990

BLANDON, Adolfo O. -- Chief of Staff of the Salvadoran Armed Forces in the mid-1980s

BLANDON, Chepita -- Wife of Danilo Blandon

BLANDON, Danilo -- Came to United States from Nicaragua in 1979, drug trafficker in Los Angeles, supplied cocaine to Ricky Ross, in 1992 arrested and convicted on drug trafficking charges in San Diego

BOLANOS,  Jose Orlando -- Nicaraguan national and self-proclaimed "Commander-in-Chief of the partisan army in Nicaragua," approached FBI and DEA undercover agents with a plan to sell cocaine to support his military venture against the Sandinista regime

BOLAND AMENDMENT -- Congressional law limiting funding to the Nicaraguan Contras in 1984

BRAUN, Harlan -- Defense attorney in the corruption trials of the LASD deputy sheriffs beginning in 1990, raised the allegation of CIA involvement in laundering drug money

BRUNON, Bradley -- Danilo Blandon's attorney

BRYANT-DEASON,  Susan -- Former Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney who was consulted about the unsuccessful 1986 LASD searches on the Blandon organization

BYRNE, Mark -- Los Angeles Assistant United States Attorney who handled the prosecution of Ronald Lister for tax violations

CA -- DEA Country Attache

CABEZAS, Carlos -- Drug trafficker convicted in the "Frogman Case" in San Francisco in 1984

CALERO, Adolfo -- Leader of the FDN wing of the Contra movement

CALERO, Mario -- Contra official and brother of Adolfo Calero

CASTILLO, Celerino -- DEA agent who initiated investigations into alleged Contra drug trafficking at Ilopango Airport, alleged that the Contras were trafficking drugs with the knowledge of the CIA, now retired

CCE -- Continuing Criminal Enterprise, a federal criminal statute

CEPPOS, Jerry -- Executive Editor of the San Jose Mercury News

CESAR, Octaviano -- Contra leader

CHAMARRO, Adolfo -- a.k.a. "Popo," ARDE Chief of Logistics, 1982-1985

CHAMARRO, Roberto -- a.k.a. "Tito," FRS official in the mid-1980s

CI -- Confidential Informant

CIA -- Central Intelligence Agency

CIPA -- Classified Information Procedures Act

CLARK, Curtis -- INS agent who arrested Miranda in 1996

CLEMENTS, Donald -- DEA Country Attache in Costa Rica, 1980-1985, now retired

CONTRA -- Contrarevolucionario, the Nicaraguan resistance movement against the Sandinista government in the 1980s

CORNEJO, Rafael -- Convicted drug trafficker who alleged that Blandon and Meneses had a Contra connection

CORR, Edwin -- United States Ambassador to El Salvador, 1985-1988, now retired

COS -- Chief of Station, CIA

COUNTRY ATTACHE -- DEA person in charge of a foreign office

CRACK -- Cocaine hydrochloride that has been reverse-engineered into a smokeable, less expensive form of cocaine

CS -- Confidential Source

CSC -- Confidential Source Coordinator, DEA

CUADRA-Ferrey, Eduardo -- Nicaragua National Police Sub-Director who sought   Enrique Miranda's return to prison in 1996

DEA -- Drug Enforcement Administration

DEA CI-1 -- DEA confidential informant, worked with DEA agent Gonzalez in 1986-87, traveled to the United States with Norwin Meneses

DEA CI 19 -- One of the informants used in the 1992 Blandon OCDETF case

DELGADO, Jose -- DEA agent who debriefed Enrique Miranda in Costa Rica in 1996

DELGADO, Raul -- Meneses' DEA contact and handler in Miami in 1988

DIA -- Defense Intelligence Agency

DOJ -- Department of Justice

DURAN, Gerardo -- Contra pilot, eventually convicted in Costa Rica for narcotics violations in 1992

EMMICK, Michael -- Los Angeles AUSA and one of the prosecutors in the "Big Spender" trials

EPIC -- DEA's El Paso Intelligence Center

EVANS, Joseph -- DEA agent in Miami who established Enrique Miranda as an informant

EVERETT, Douglas -- DEA intelligence analyst

FBI -- Federal Bureau of Investigation

FENSTER, Alan -- Attorney for Ricky Ross in 1996 trial in San Diego

FDN -- Fuerza Democratica Nicarguenese, Nicaraguan Democratic Force, the Northern Front of the Nicaraguan Contra movement

FERNANDEZ, Joseph -- CIA Chief of Station in Costa Rica in the late 1980s

FIERS, Alan -- Chief, CIA Central American Task Force, in the 1980s

FOSTER, Michael -- FBI agent assigned to the Office of Independent Counsel Iran-Contra investigation

FRESQUES, Fred -- FBI agent who interviewed Carlos Cabezas in 1987 for the Kerry Committee

"FROGMAN CASE" -- 1982 OCDETF investigation of a large-scale narcotics distribution network in San Francisco, so nicknamed because some defendants were arrested in wetsuits bringing cocaine ashore from a Colombian vessel in San Francisco Bay

"FRONT DOOR" -- 1986 FBI investigation of allegations of Neutrality Act violations by United States government officials in the covert sale of arms to Iran, later taken over by the Iran-Contra Office of Independent Counsel

FRS -- Frente Revolucionario Sandino, or Sandino Revolutionary Front, a wing of the Contra movement

FSLN -- Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional, or Sandinista National Liberation Front, the Nicaraguan political force that ruled the country from 1979 until 1990

GIBLER, Gordon -- FBI agent who participated in the investigation of Meneses in San Francisco in the late 1980s

"GOMEZ, Ivan" -- Carlos Cabezas' alleged CIA contact

GONZALEZ, Sandalio -- DEA agent and Assistant Country Attache in Costa Rica in mid-1980s, handled Meneses in Costa Rica

GORDON, Thomas -- LASD Deputy Sheriff who applied for search warrants on Blandon's organization in October 1986, later convicted of federal charges in connection with the "Big Spender" trials

GRASHEIM, Walter -- American citizen working in El Salvador in the mid-1980s, against whom DEA agent Celerino Castillo opened an investigation

"GREEN ICE" -- Large DEA money laundering investigation in San Diego and elsewhere, targeting the Colombian cartel

GUERRA-Deguer, Sergio -- Arrested with Blandon by U.S. Customs Service at  Mexican border on August 26, 1991

GUSTAFSON, Judy -- DEA agent who participated in the 1992 Blandon OCDETF investigation in San Diego

GUZZETTA, Jerry -- California police officer who obtained the information which led to the LASD investigation of Blandon

HALE, Don -- FBI agent who participated in the investigation of Meneses in San Francisco, now deceased

HILL, Eddie -- Former DEA agent in San Francisco, now retired

HILLHOUSE, Laura -- IRS agent who assisted the OCDETF investigation of the Blandon organization in 1987 and who continued the tax case against Lister in 1987

HINOJOSA, Manuel -- FBI agent in San Francisco, now retired

HODEL, Georg -- Free-lance journalist who investigated the CIA-Contra-crack cocaine allegations in Nicaragua in conjunction with Gary Webb

HONEY, Martha -- A journalist who, with Tony Avrigan, filed a 1986 civil law suit against several defendants for damage done to them by the defendants' alleged conspiracy to violate the Neutrality Act

HPSCI -- House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

HUFFMAN, Edward P. -- Sergeant who led the LASD investigation against  the Blandon organization in 1986

HULL, John -- American citizen who owned a ranch with an airstrip in Costa Rica

ILOPANGO AIRPORT -- Airport located near San Salvador, El Salvador, from which Contra supply operations were based

INS -- Immigration and Naturalization Service

INTERPOL -- International Criminal Police Organization

IRS -- Internal Revenue Service

IVERSEN, Judd C. -- Defense counsel for Julio Zavala in the "Frogman Case"

JONES, Charles -- DEA agent who participated in the OCDETF investigation of Blandon in San Diego

KARST, George -- DEA agent assigned to the DEA Miami Field Office

KERRY SUBCOMMITTEE -- 1987 investigation by the Senate Committee on  Foreign Relation's Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations

KLOS, Jerry -- INS Assistant District Director for Examinations in the San Diego District Office

LA CI-1 -- FBI Los Angeles informant used against the Blandon organization in the 1987 OCDETF case

LACSO -- Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office

LAFRANCE, Timothy -- Worked for Ronald Lister's security company in El Salvador on a contract basis during the 1980s

LARD, Ronald -- DEA Country Attache in Costa Rica, 1989-1993

LASD -- Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

LASSART, James -- Former Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of California who handled the investigative portion of the "Frogman Case"

LEGAT -- Legal Attache, Federal Bureau of Investigation

LISTER, Ronald -- Former Southern California police officer, member of Blandon's drug organization, twice convicted drug trafficker who claimed to have an affiliation with the CIA

LOOKOUT -- An alert transmitted among law enforcement authorities to be watchful for a particular individual or entity

LPR STATUS -- Legal Permanent Resident Status, also known as a "green card"

LUNA, Anne -- IRS agent who participated in the 1992 OCDETF investigation of Blandon's organization in San Diego

MA, Thomas -- DEA agent in San Francisco

MENESES-Cantarero, Norwin -- Cocaine trafficker, cooperated with DEA in Los Angeles and Costa Rica, arrested in Nicaragua in 1991

MENESES, Ernesto -- Brother of Norwin Meneses

MENESES, Jairo -- Nephew of Norwin Meneses

MENESES, Luis -- Brother of Norwin Meneses, arrested with Norwin Meneses and Enrique Miranda in Nicaragua in 1991

MENESES, Roger -- Nephew of Norwin Meneses

MEZA, Amalia -- Assistant United States Attorney in San Diego who initiated the 1992 Blandon OCDETF case, also prosecuted Ronald Lister

MILGROUP -- Military Group

MIRANDA-Jaime, Enrique-- Nicaraguan national, member of Meneses' drug organization, arrested in 1991 and convicted of drug trafficking in Nicaragua

MONTGOMERY, Loren -- INS Immigration Examiner, now retired

MORALES, Jorge -- Convicted narcotics smuggler who claimed he entered into an agreement with Southern Front Contras to arrange weapons shipments in exchange for assistance in getting his criminal charges reduced

MORENO, Aparicio -- Alleged cocaine supplier to Blandon and Meneses

MORRISON, David -- Pseudonym for person who made allegations to the FBI in 1987, and to the San Jose Mercury News in 1996, that the Contras were selling arms and cocaine to support their movement

MOU -- Memorandum of Understanding

MURILLO, Orlando -- Blandon's relative who lived in Miami, allegedly helped launder money for Blandon's organization

NADDIS -- Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Information System, a DEA drug intelligence database

NAILS -- National Automated Immigration Lookout System, an INS database

NAVARRO, Tony -- Naturalized American, born in Nicaragua, who was appointed as the official FDN representative in San Francisco in 1986

NCIC -- National Crime Information Center, a database maintained by the FBI for use by law enforcement authorities

NEWELL, Ollie -- Convicted drug dealer, a partner of Ricky Ross in Los Angeles

NIEVES, Robert -- DEA Country Attache in Costa Rica in 1980s, now retired

NNP -- Nicaragua National Police

OCDETF -- Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force, a federal program to coordinate investigations of major drug traffickers

OIA -- Office of International Affairs, Department of Justice, the office responsible for reviewing and handling extradition requests

OIG -- Office of the Inspector General

O'NEALE, L J -- Assistant U.S. Attorney in San Diego, handled the prosecution of Blandon in 1992 and the prosecution of Ross in 1996

OPERATION PERICO -- DEA file opened by DEA agent Sandalio Gonzalez  in 1986 to document information provided by Meneses

OPIC -- Overseas Private Investment Corporation, an independent U.S. government agency that assists U.S. companies which invest overseas

OPR -- Office of Professional Responsibility

ORJALES, Rodolfo -- Former Assistant United States Attorney in San Francisco who handled the 1985 indictment and pleas of Jairo Meneses and Renato Pena

PASTORA, Eden -- Leader of the ARDE wing of the Contra movement

PCNE -- Conservative Party of Nicaraguans in Exile, a Contra support group in Costa Rica

PECKHAM, Robert F. -- Chief Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, presided over the Zavala case

PENA, Renato -- Member of the Meneses organization, arrested by San Francisco DEA, and alleged leader of the San Francisco FDN

PEREIRA, Horacio -- Alleged drug trafficker along with Zavala, Cabezas, and Troilo Sanchez

PEREZ, Juan -- DEA agent who investigated allegations regarding John Hull's airstrip in Costa Rica

RAPPACCIOLI-Marquis, Vicente  -- General Treasurer of the PCNE and one of   the individuals who signed documents stating that Julio Zavala had received $45,000 from the PCNE

RICHARD, Mark -- Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, Department of Justice

RIVERA, J. James -- DEA agent who used Meneses as a source of information in Costa Rica in 1988

RIVERA, Richard -- U.S. Customs Service agent who handled the Customs Service investigation of Walter Grasheim in El Salvador in 1986

ROCHAS, Carlos -- Member of Blandon's drug organization, wounded by an unknown gunman in Guatemala in November 1987

RODRIGUEZ, Felix a-- .k.a. Max Gomez, former CIA employee ROI Report of Investigation

ROSS, Ricky Donnell -- a.k.a. "Freeway Rick," major cocaine supplier in Los Angeles

ROTUNNO, John -- Former DEA agent assigned to the DEA San Francisco office from 1983 to 1986, handled several investigations against the Meneses organization

RULE 35 MOTION -- A motion filed by the government seeking a reduction in a defendant's sentence because of changed circumstances

RUSSONIELLO, Joseph -- Former United States Attorney, Northern District of California, 1982-1990

RUZZAMENTI, William -- DEA agent in San Francisco who participated in the investigation of Norwin Meneses in the 1980s

SA -- Special Agent

SAC -- Special Agent in Charge

SANCHEZ, Troilo -- Alleged drug trafficker along with Cabezas, Zavala, and Pereira

SANDINISTA NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT -- Revolutionary coalition which overthrew the Somoza regime in Nicaragua in July 1979

SCHRETTNER, Thomas -- DEA agent who participated in the OCDETF investigation of Blandon in Los Angeles in 1987

SMITH, Sandra -- Former DEA agent assigned to the DEA San Francisco office from 1974 to1984, investigated the Meneses organization

SOI -- Source of Information, DEA

SALOMON, Doris -- Second wife of Julio Zavala

SOMOZA-Debayle, Anatasio -- Inherited the dictatorship of Nicaragua from his brother in 1967, removed from power by the FSLN in 1979

SOURCE 1 -- FBI informant in the "Frogman Case"

SOURCE OF INFORMATION -- An individual who provides information to law enforcement authorities, generally on a less formal basis than an informant

SR3 -- DEA informant used in investigation of Meneses from 1983 until 1986 in San Francisco

SSA -- Supervisory Special Agent

SSCI -- Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

STG-6 and STG-13 -- Informants used by DEA agent Celerino Castillo in his investigation of drug trafficking at Ilopango Airport in El Salvador in 1986

STIA, Robert -- DEA Country Attache in Guatemala, 1985 to1991, now retired

STRICKLAND, Lee -- CIA Office of General Counsel attorney involved in the return of the seized money to Julio Zavala

SWENSON, Eric -- San Francisco Assistant United States Attorney who participated in the investigation and indictment of Meneses in 1989, now retired

TECS -- Treasury Enforcement Communications System, a Department of the Treasury database

TELLEZ, Robert, Jr. -- INS agent who participated in the 1992 San Diego Blandon OCDETF investigation, aranged for Blandon to obtain Legal Permanent Resident status

TORRES, Edgar -- Brother of Ivan and Jacinto, all of whom are members of Blandon's organization

TORRES, Ivan -- Colombian national, brother of Edgar and Jacinto Torres, all of whom were allegedly members of Blandon's drug organization

TORRES, Jacinto -- Brother of Edgar and Ivan Torres, all of whom allegedly were members of Blandon's organization

TSE, Stephen -- DEA agent in San Francisco, initiated a case against Meneses in 1990

UDN-FARN -- Nicaraguan Democratic Union, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Nicaragua

USAO -- United States Attorney's Office

USCS -- United States Customs Service

VILLARREAL, Federico -- DEA agent in Costa Rica, from 1991 to 1992, now retired

WALSH, James -- Los Angeles Assistant United States Attorney, as Chief of the Major Narcotics Section oversaw the OCEDTF program in Los Angeles

WATERS, Maxine -- Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (D) representing the 35th Congressional District of California

WEBB, Gary -- Former reporter for the San Jose Mercury News who wrote the "Dark Alliance" series of articles on the alleged CIA-Contra-crack cocaine connection

WEBB, Patrick -- FBI agent who interviewed David Morrison in 1987

WEEKLY, David Scott -- a.k.a. Dr. Death; former Navy serviceman and Vietnam veteran

WILLIAMS, W K -- FBI agent who investigated Meneses in San Francisco in the late 1980s and early 1990s

ZANIDES, Mark -- Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of California, handled criminal prosecutions in the "Frogman Case"

ZAVALA, Julio Cesar -- Convicted drug dealer in San Francisco, received seized money back from the San Francisco U.S. Attorney's Office