Semiannual Report to Congress

April 1, 2011 – September 30, 2011
Office of the Inspector General

Top Management and Performance Challenges

Photo of DOJ buildingThe OIG has created a list of top management and performance challenges in the Department annually since 1998, initially in response to congressional requests but in recent years as part of the Department’s annual Performance and Accountability Report.

The OIG’s top challenges for the year are listed here. Many of the challenges remain on the list from last year — “Counterterrorism,” “Restoring Confidence in the Department,” “Southwest Border Security Issues,” “Protecting Civil Rights and Civil Liberties,” “Information Technology Systems Planning, Implementation, and Security,” and “Detention and Incarceration,” in recognition of the long standing nature of these challenges.

The challenge of “Implementing Cost Savings and Efficiencies” was added to recognize the difficult challenges the Department faces in continuing to implement its mission in this constrained fiscal climate.

In addition, we have re-categorized two of last year’s challenges so that the issues previously represented by “Violent and Organized Crime” and “Financial Crimes and Cyber Crimes” are represented in this year’s list as “Criminal Law Enforcement” and “Financial Enforcement” in order to recognize the Department’s efforts beyond criminal law enforcement. “Financial Enforcement” includes matters such as mortgage fraud, False Claims Act litigation and recoveries, civil penalty enforcement, asset forfeiture, and suspension and debarment. “Criminal Law Enforcement” includes elements of violent and organized crime as well as cyber crime and international crime.

Also, last year’s “Grant Management” challenge has been expanded and renamed “Grants and Contract Management.” In addition to grant management, it will also focus on how the Department handles procurement and acquisition issues.

Top Management and Performance Challenges in the Department of Justice – 2011

  1. Counterterrorism
  2. Implementing Cost Savings and Efficiencies
  3. Southwest Border Security Issues
  4. Protecting Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  5. Information Technology Systems Planning, Implementation, and Security
  6. Criminal Law Enforcement
  7. Restoring Confidence in the Department
  8. Financial Enforcement
  9. Detention and Incarceration
  10. Grants and Contract Management

Detailed information about the Department’s management and performance challenges can be found online at


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