Semiannual Report to Congress

April 1, 2010 – September 30, 2010
Office of the Inspector General

OIG Hotline

During FY 2010 the OIG conducted a comprehensive review of its Hotline operations, which resulted in revised and improved operating procedures. For the OIG “1-800” Hotline phone number, we developed a call tree system that provides an opportunity for complainants to speak with OIG personnel or to obtain recorded information regarding certain frequently asked questions.

We also developed new online complaint forms that simplify the process for filing a complaint. These online complaint forms are available through the OIG’s website at

In addition, Department employees and citizens are able to file complaints by fax, e-mail, and through the mail. The online access, e-mail, fax, and postal mail all provide the ability to file a complaint in writing to the OIG.

During FY 2010, the OIG Hotline averaged approximately 900 telephone calls per month; 100 postal mail complaints per month; and over 3,000 e-mail complaints per month. The vast majority of these complaints do not pertain to the Department or are not within the jurisdiction of the OIG and are referred to the appropriate entity.

From all Hotline sources during FY 2010, over 2,500 new complaints relating to Department operations or other federal agencies were entered into our complaint tracking system. Of the new complaints, over 2,000 were forwarded to various Department components for their review and appropriate action; 143 were filed for information; 310 were forwarded to other federal agencies; and 19 were opened by the OIG for investigation.


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