Semiannual Report to Congress

April 1, 2010 – September 30, 2010
Office of the Inspector General

Top Management and Performance Challenges

Photo of Department of Justice building The OIG has created a list of top management and performance challenges in the Department annually since 1998, initially in response to congressional requests but in recent years as part of the Department’s annual Performance and Accountability Report.

The OIG’s top challenges for this year, issued in November 2010, are listed below. Many of the challenges from last year’s list, such as counterterrorism, are long-standing challenges that remain on the list.

The challenge of “Sharing of Intelligence and Law Enforcement Information” was incorporated into other challenges and removed as a separate entry on the list. In addition, the “Financial Crimes” challenge was expanded to include “Cyber Crimes.” “Grant Management” and “Recovery Act Funding and Oversight” were combined into one challenge.

We added two challenges to last year’s list:  “Southwest Border Security Issues” and “Violent and Organized Crime.”

Top Management and Performance Challenges in the Department of Justice – 2010

  1. Counterterrorism
  2. Restoring Confidence in the Department of Justice
  3. Southwest Border Security Issues
  4. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  5. Information Technology Systems Planning, Implementation, and Security
  6. Violent and Organized Crime
  7. Financial Crimes and Cyber Crimes
  8. Detention and Incarceration
  9. Grant Management and Recovery Act Funding and Oversight
  10. Financial Management

Detailed information about the Department’s management and performance challenges can be found online at


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