Semiannual Report to Congress

October 1, 2008 March 31, 2009
Office of the Inspector General

Highlights of OIG Activities

The following table summarizes OIG activities discussed in this report. As these statistics and the following highlights illustrate, the OIG continues to conduct wide-ranging oversight of Department programs and operations.

Statistical Highlights

October 1, 2008 – March 31, 2009

Allegations Received by the
Investigations Division
Investigations Opened 171
Investigations Closed 180
Arrests 56
Indictments/Informations 52
Convictions/Pleas 49
Administrative Actions 103
$4.1 million
Audit Reports Issued 155
Questioned Costs $15.7 million
Funds Put to Better Use $107,653
Recommendations for
Management Improvements

Examples of OIG audits, evaluations, and special reports completed during this semiannual reporting period include:

Investigations of Misconduct

As shown in the statistics in the table at the beginning of this section, the OIG investigates many allegations of misconduct involving Department employees or contractors or grantees who receive Department money. Examples of the OIG’s investigations discussed in this semiannual report include:

Ongoing Reviews

This report also describes ongoing OIG reviews of important issues throughout the Department, including:


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