Semiannual Report to Congress

April 1, 2005-September 30, 2005
Office of the Inspector General

Legislation and Regulations

The IG Act directs the OIG to review proposed legislation and regulations relating to the programs and operations of the Department. Although the Department's Office of Legislative Affairs reviews all proposed or enacted legislation that could affect the Department's activities, the OIG independently reviews proposed legislation that affects it and legislation that relates to waste, fraud, or abuse in the Department's programs or operations.

During this reporting period, the OIG reviewed a variety of legislation, including the Department of Justice Appropriation Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 2006 through 2009, which contains an OIG-sponsored amendment to increase penalties for sexual abuse of federal inmates by correctional officers in contract detention facilities and expand federal jurisdiction over contraband offenses involving federal prisoners held in contract facilities. The OIG also reviewed legislation related to the Federal Privacy and Protection Act and the Improving Government Accountability Act.

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