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U. S. Department of Justice
Office of the Inspector General

Semiannual Report to Congress, October 1, 2000 Ė March 31, 2001


Briefings and Training Activities

OIG personnel regularly offer their expertise to Department components and to the governmental community and serve as instructors for various training activities. For example, during this reporting period:

Task Forces, Working Groups, and Committees

In addition to the important work it conducts within the Department, the OIG participates in cooperative endeavors with other entities. Noteworthy activities during this reporting period are described below.

Legislation and Regulations

The IG Act directs the OIG to review proposed legislation and regulations relating to the programs and operations of the Department. Although the Departmentís Office of Legislative Affairs reviews all proposed or enacted legislation that could affect the Departmentís activities, the OIG independently reviews proposed legislation that affects it or legislation that relates to waste, fraud, or abuse in the Departmentís programs or operations. During this reporting period, the OIG reviewed a variety of legislation, including a bill that formally established an OIG Criminal Investigator Academy and a Forensic Laboratory to perform forensic services for OIG investigations.

Presidentís Council on Integrity and Efficiency Activities

The PCIE consists of the 28 Presidentially appointed IGs in the federal government. OIG staff participate in a variety of PCIE activities and serve on numerous PCIE committees and subgroups. During this reporting period, the Deputy IG served on the PCIE working group that drafted a proposed strategic plan for the PCIE. The General Counsel represented the PCIE on an inter-agency working group that addressed the implementation of the Administrative Disputes Resolution (ADR) Act, particularly relating to issues of confidentiality and access to records of ADR proceedings. The General Counsel also worked on new privacy rules of interest to the PCIE that relate to health care providers.

Audit staff attend regular meetings of the PCIE OIG GPRA Coordinatorsí Interest Group; this group addresses issues of consistency when the OIG deals with Congress, OMB, and the GAO on GPRA issues. Audit staff also attend meetings of the PCIE Information Technology (IT) Roundtable. During this reporting period, the PCIE IT Roundtable surveyed OIG information technology resources and clarified the IG requirements for GISRA, which requires IGs to submit to Congress a report disclosing any activity relating to the collection of data about individuals who access a departmentís or agencyís Internet site. Audit also is participating in the Infrastructure Protection audits sponsored by the PCIE.

The Investigations AIG (AIGI) is a member of the PCIE Investigations Advisory Subcommittee. The Subcommittee advises the Investigations Committee of the PCIE on matters of policy, training, and practices relating to OIG investigations. During this reporting period, the AIGI and Deputy AIGI attended the PCIEís Annual Association of Directors of Investigations Conference. The conference focused on ďaddressing the challenges of the 21st centuryĒ in both the OIG and law enforcement communities.

Also during this reporting period, Inspections staff participated in the PCIE Inspection and Evaluation Council meetings. These meetings have addressed training initiatives for the Inspection and Evaluation community and future proposals for joint PCIE/ECIE (Executive Council on Integrity and Efficiency) projects.