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U. S. Department of Justice
Office of the Inspector General

Semiannual Report to Congress, October 1, 2000 – March 31, 2001


October 1, 2000 – March 31, 2001


Camden, New Jersey Police Department

Combined DNA Index System Activities, Arkansas State Crime Laboratory

Combined DNA Index System Activities, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Forensic Science Laboratory

Compton, California Police Department

Consolidated Asset Tracking System

Departmental Critical Infrastructure – Planning for the Protection of Computer Based Infrastructure

Durango, Colorado Police Department

Elizabeth, New Jersey Police Department

Escondido, California Police Department

Federal Cost Recovery and Program Monitoring in the Equitable Sharing Program

Fort Collins, Colorado Police Department

Glendale, Arizona Police Department

Immigration and Naturalization Service Management of Property

Immigration and Naturalization Service’s Airport Inspection Facilities

Inglewood, California Police Department

Interest Penalties Paid as a Result of the Prompt Pay Act by the Department of Justice During FY 1999

Jackson, Mississippi Police Department

Louisville, Kentucky Police Department

Marshall University Research Center Forensic DNA Laboratory Improvement Program

Maryland Natural Resources Police, Annapolis, Maryland

McRae, Arkansas Police Department

Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC

Minnehaha County, South Dakota Sheriff’s Department

New Albany, Indiana Police Department

Office of the Election Officer Annual Financial Statement for FY 1999

Olathe, Kansas Police Department

Pine Bluff, Arkansas Police Department

Promptness of Payments for Water and Sewer Services Provided by the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority

Rapid City, South Dakota Police Department

Review of the Department of Justice Internet Sites

Review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Data Center and Information Systems Control Environment for FY 1999

Review of the Rockville and Dallas Data Centers for FY 1999

Rhodell, West Virginia Police Department

Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department

Security Penetration Review of Access Controls at the U.S. Department of Justice for FYs 1998 and 1999

Storey County, Nevada Sheriff’s Department

The Immigration and Naturalization Service’s System Data Pertaining to Secondary Inspections at Selected Preclearance Airports

U.S. Department of Justice Annual Financial Statement for FY 2000

U.S. Marshals Service Intergovernmental Service Agreement for Detention Facilities with the Government of Guam

Umatilla Tribal Police, Oregon

Use of Equitable Sharing of Revenues by the New York State Police Department

Use of Equitable Sharing of Revenues by the Nueces County, Texas Sheriff’s Department

Use of Equitable Sharing of Revenues by the Virgin Islands Police Department

Performed under a reimbursable agreement with the Executive Office for U.S. Trustees
Chapter 7 Trustee
Rose E. Bareham

Chapter 7 Trustee
Karen E. Bezner

Chapter 7 Trustee
Linda S. Bloom

Chapter 7 Trustee
David R. Brown

Chapter 7 Trustee
Thomas W. Coffey

Chapter 7 Trustee
Joseph E. Cohen

Chapter 7 Trustee
John Clifton Conine

Chapter 7 Trustee
Philip J. Danaher

Chapter 7 Trustee
Burton H. Fagan

Chapter 7 Trustee
Sandra Fahey

Chapter 7 Trustee
Jack Fidelman

Chapter 7 Trustee
Townsend Foster, Jr.

Chapter 7 Trustee
Leslie Gladstone

Chapter 7 Trustee
Jeffrey Golden

Chapter 7 Trustee
Rosendo Gonzalez

Chapter 7 Trustee
Robert Goodrich

Chapter 7 Trustee
Gary M. Growe

Chapter 7 Trustee
Lynn Hahn-Martinez

Chapter 7 Trustee
Donna Hall

Chapter 7 Trustee
David B. Hathaway

Chapter 7 Trustee
Richard W. Hudgins

Chapter 7 Trustee
Wesley B. Huisinga

Chapter 7 Trustee
George T. Johnson

Chapter 7 Trustee
Anthony Juarez

Chapter 7 Trustee
Walter W. Kelley

Chapter 7 Trustee
Beatrice Kemp

Chapter 7 Trustee
John T. Kendall

Chapter 7 Trustee
Marvin Krasny

Chapter 7 Trustee
Bruce A. Lanser

Chapter 7 Trustee
David Leibowitz

Chapter 7 Trustee
Thomas J. Lester

Chapter 7 Trustee
Lawrence J. Lichtenstein

Chapter 7 Trustee
Joyce W. Lindauer

Chapter 7 Trustee
William B. Logan, Jr.

Chapter 7 Trustee
Sandra Loomis

Chapter 7 Trustee
Sherman B. Lubman

Chapter 7 Trustee
Theo Davis Mann

Chapter 7 Trustee
Joel T. Marker

Chapter 7 Trustee
Harry L. Mathison, Jr.

Chapter 7 Trustee
Michael B. McCarty

Chapter 7 Trustee
Michael McGranahan

Chapter 7 Trustee
Leigh R. Meininger

Chapter 7 Trustee
Gerald Miller

Chapter 7 Trustee
Mark Thomas Miller

Chapter 7 Trustee
Donald F. Neiman

Chapter 7 Trustee
James Nicholson

Chapter 7 Trustee
Deborah Penner

Chapter 7 Trustee
Harry W. Pettigrew

Chapter 7 Trustee
Charles A. Pisaturo, Jr.

Chapter 7 Trustee
Gary T. Rafool

Chapter 7 Trustee
Thomas E. Raleigh

Chapter 7 Trustee
John C. Reed

Chapter 7 Trustee
Thomas Richardson

Chapter 7 Trustee
Gordon A. Rowe

Chapter 7 Trustee
Martin A. Schott

Chapter 7 Trustee
Gary F. Seitz

Chapter 7 Trustee
Charles E. Sims

Chapter 7 Trustee
Sheldon L. Solow

Chapter 7 Trustee
Alberta Stahl

Chapter 7 Trustee
Benjamine A. Stanziale, Jr.

Chapter 7 Trustee
Charles A. Stanziale

Chapter 7 Trustee
Andrew Suhar

Chapter 7 Trustee
S. David Swayne

Chapter 7 Trustee
David J. Theising

Chapter 7 Trustee
Rodney D. Tow

Chapter 7 Trustee
Mark D. Waldron

Chapter 7 Trustee
Larry Waslow

Chapter 7 Trustee
Steven Weiss

Chapter 7 Trustee
Frederick Wetzel, III

Chapter 7 Trustee
Timothy Yoo


Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Camden County, Missouri

Cathedral City, California

Constitutional Rights Foundation – Chicago, Illinois

Cuyahoga, Ohio Metropolitan Housing Authority

Dekalb County, Georgia

Development Research and Programs, Inc.

Fort Belknap College, Inc., Montana

Guernsey County, Ohio

Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence, Inc.

Illinois Law Related Education Resource Network (LEARN)

Kankakee County, Illinois

Lake County, Montana

Marion County, Indiana

Martin County, Minnesota

Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Cook County, Illinois for FY 1998

Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Cook County, Illinois for FY 1999

National Juvenile Detention Association, Inc., Richmond, Kentucky

Porter County, Indiana

Rockdale County, Georgia

San Juan County, New Mexico

Sandoval County, New Mexico

St. Louis County, Missouri

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff, Louisiana

The Administrative Office of the Courts, New Mexico

The City of Akron, Ohio

The City of Brownsville, Texas

The City of Cairo, Illinois

The City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

The City of Charleston, South Carolina

The City of Chattanooga, Tennessee

The City of Citrus Heights, California

The City of Cleveland, Ohio

The City of Dallas, Texas

The City of Durham, North Carolina for FY 2000

The City of East Point, Georgia for FY 1998

The City of East Point, Georgia for FY 1999

The City of Elkhart, Indiana

The City of Fridley, Minnesota

The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan

The City of Highland Park, Michigan

The City of Hot Springs, Arkansas

The City of Houston, Texas

The City of Independence, Missouri

The City of Kansas City, Missouri

The City of Kissimmee, Florida

The City of Knoxville, Tennessee

The City of Lenexa, Kansas

The City of Luling, Texas

The City of Madison, Wisconsin

The City of Miles City, Montana

The City of Pontiac, Michigan

The City of Riverside, Ohio

The City of Saginaw, Michigan

The City of Selma, Alabama

The City of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

The City of South Bend, Indiana

The City of St. Francisville, Illinois for FY 1999

The City of St. Francisville, Illinois for FY 2000

The City of Suisun City, California

The City of University City, Missouri

The City of Valley, Alabama

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Office of Youth Affairs for FY 1998

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Office of Youth Affairs for FY 1999

The County of Durham, North Carolina for FY 1997

The Department of Attorney General, State of Hawaii

The Department of Corrections, Michigan

The Government of Guam

The Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands

The Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center

The Municipality of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

The Municipality of Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

The Municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico

The National Indian Justice Center, Inc.

The Organized Village of Kwethluk, Alaska

The State of Alaska

The State of Idaho

The State of Illinois Court of Claims

The State of New Mexico Corrections Department

The State of North Carolina

The State of Utah

The Town of Jupiter, Florida

The Town of Latta, South Carolina

The Town of Normal, Illinois

The Village of Melrose Park, Illinois

The Village of Ruidoso, New Mexico

October 1, 2000 – March 31, 2001