The Department of Justice's Terrorism Task Forces

Evaluation and Inspections Report I-2005-007
June 2005
Office of the Inspector General

Figure 3 [Text version]

Unit Chief

Deputy Unit Chief (DHS)

    Under Unit Chief:

    Intelligence Component:

    • Coordinate with IC
    • Identify Intelligence Gaps
    • Intelligence-based review of threats
    • NJTTF Daily Briefs
    • Maintain Websites
    • Production of National TWIN

    Operations Component:

    • Staff NJTTF duty desk at CT Watch
    • Direct OGA Liaison to CTD operational units
    • Enhance information sharing
    • OGA special taskings
    • OGA records checks
    • Manage leads

    Tripwire Component:

    • Tripwire advisories
    • Coordinate bulk data projects with FTTTF and CTD
    • Correctional Intelligence Initiative
    • Maritime Liaison Program
    • Support CTD OPS as required

    Outreach, Liaison, and Administration:

    • Coordinate with OLEC and other FBI units
    • Space, clearance, and access issues
    • NJTTF training issues
    • Identify resources available to support Pre-crisis/threat periods
    • Fellowship Program
    • National Conferences
    • Briefing Production

    JTTF Program Management:

    • Oversee administration, budget, policy and logistics for all JTTFs
    • JTTF Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) project
    • MOU Project
    • On-site reviews
    • JTTF liaison issues
    • Maintain program records and statistics

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