Audit of Department of Justice's Key Indicators

Audit Report 08-18
March 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix V
FY 2006 Key Indicator Narrative Sample

Below is a sample key indicator narrative from the FY 2006 PAR.

FY 2008 Outcome Goal: Ensure that no judicial proceedings are interrupted due to inadequate security
FY 2006 Progress: The Department is on target to achieve this long-term goal.

Number of Judicial Proceedings Interrupted Due to Inadequate Security (actual): FY03-1; FY04-0; FY05-0; FY06-0. Target for FY06 was 0.

Data Definition: An interruption occurs when a judge is removed as a result of a potentially dangerous incident and/or where proceedings are suspended until the USMS calls on additional deputies to guarantee the safety of the judge, witness, and other participants.

Data Collection and Storage: The USMS uses Weekly Activity Reports and Incident Reports collected at Headquarters as the data source.

Data Validation and Verification: Before data are disseminated via reports, they are checked and verified by the program managers. These reports are collected manually.

Data Limitations: This measure was not tracked or reported until FY 2003.

Background/Program Objectives: The USMS maintains the integrity of the judicial security process by: 1) ensuring that each federal judicial facility is secure – physically safe and free from any intrusion intended to subvert court proceedings; 2) guaranteeing that all federal, magistrate, and bankruptcy judges, prosecutors, witnesses, jurors, and other participants have the ability to conduct uninterrupted proceedings; 3) maintaining the custody, protection and safety of prisoners brought to court for any type of judicial proceeding; and 4) limiting opportunities for criminals to tamper with evidence or use intimidation, extortion, or bribery to corrupt judicial proceedings. The number of interrupted judicial proceedings due to inadequate security reflects proceedings that require either removal of the judge from the courtroom or the addition of USMS Deputy Marshals to control a situation.

Performance Measure: Number of Judicial Proceedings Interrupted Due To Inadequate Security

FY 2006 Target: 0
FY 2006 Actual: 0

Discussion: In FY 2006 the USMS met its target of zero interrupted proceedings through its continued efforts to provide adequate security for the federal judicial system. By accomplishing all aspects of our judicial mission, from screening entry into courthouses to continually updating security equipment, the USMS is able to achieve its objectives.

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