Audit of Department of Justice's Key Indicators

Audit Report 08-18
March 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix III
Comprehensive List of DOJ Key Indicators in the FY 2006 PAR
Strategic Goal I: Prevent Terrorism and Promote the Nation’s Security
Terrorist Acts Committed by Foreign Nationals Against U.S. Interests within U.S. Borders FBI
Strategic Goal II: Enforce Federal Laws and Represent the rights and Interests of the American People
Number of Organized Criminal Enterprises Dismantled FBI
Number of Child Pornography Websites or Web Hosts Shut Down FBI
Percent of High-Crime Cities, with an ATF Presence, Demonstrating a Reduction in Violent Firearms Crime37 ATF
DOJ's Reduction in the Supply of Illegal Drugs Available for Consumption in the U.S.38 ADAG/Drugs
Consolidated Priority Organization Target-Linked Drug Trafficking Organizations Disrupted and Dismantled FBI, DEA, OCDETF
Value of Stolen Intellectual Property39 FBI
Number of Top-Ten Internet Fraud Targets Neutralized FBI
Number of Criminal Enterprises Engaging in White-Collar Crimes Dismantled FBI
Percent of Cases Favorably Resolved EOUSA and Litigating Divisions40
Percent of Assets/Funds Returned to Creditors for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 USTP
Strategic Goal III: Assist State, Local, and Tribal Efforts to Prevent or Reduce Crime and Violence
Reduction in Recidivism Rate from 2 percent in FY 2004 to 1.5 percent in FY 2008 for the Population Served by the Re-Entry Initiative39 OJP
Reduction of Homicides per Site Funded Under the Weed and Seed Program OJP
Percent Increase in Regional Information Sharing System Inquiries39 OJP
Percent Reduction in DNA Backlog OJP
Number of Participants in the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program OJP
Increase in the Graduation Rate of Drug Court Program Participants OJP
Strategic Goal IV: Ensure the Fair and Efficient Operation of the Federal Justice System
Number of Judicial Proceedings Interrupted Due to Inadequate Security USMS
Federal Fugitives Cleared or Apprehended USMS
Per Day Jail Costs OFDT
Number of Escapes during Confinement in Federal Detention39 OFDT
Rate of Assaults in Federal Detention39 OFDT
System-wide Crowding in Federal Prisons BOP
Escapes from Secure Bureau of Prisons Facilities BOP
Comparative Recidivism Rates for Federal Prison Industries Inmates versus Non-Federal Prison Industries Inmates BOP, FPI
Rate of Assaults in Federal Prisons (Assaults per 5,000 Inmates) BOP
Inspection Results – Percent of Federal Facilities with American Correctional Association Accreditations BOP
Percent of Executive Office for Immigration Review Priority Cases Completed Within Established Time Frames EOIR
Source: U.S. Department of Justice FY 2006 Performance and Accountability Report, Part II: FY 2006 Performance Report

  1. This key indicator was excluded from our audit scope because it was discontinued.

  2. This key indicator was excluded from our audit scope because it is a long-term measure that is currently in process.

  3. These key indicators were excluded from our audit scope because they were discontinued as of September 30, 2006.

  4. The litigating divisions include: Antitrust Division, Civil Division, Civil Rights Division, Criminal Division, Environment and Natural Resources Division, and Tax Division. The key indicator data for these divisions and EOUSA is consolidated by JMD Budget Staff.

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