Efforts to Prevent, Identify, and Recover Improper and Erroneous Payments
by Selected Department of Justice Components

Audit Report 07-17
January 2007
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II
The Presidentís Management Agenda

According to a report from OMB, the President’s Management Agenda, enacted in August 2001, is a strategy for improving the management and performance of the federal government. It focuses on the areas where deficiencies were most apparent and where the government could begin to deliver concrete, measurable results. The President’s Management Agenda includes the following five government-wide initiatives:22

The third initiative, “Improved Financial Performance,” includes provisions for agencies to determine the extent of improper payments and to establish goals for reducing them.

  1. Excerpts from the President’s Management Agenda were taken from an OMB report, entitled The Federal Government is Results-Oriented, dated August 2004.

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