Processing Classified Information on Portable Computers in the Department of Justice

Audit Report 05-32
July 2005
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II

Voting Members of the Committee on National Security Systems

The Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration who is also the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer currently chairs the quarterly meetings of the Committee on National Security Systems. The following list contains the representatives of the Committee on National Security Systems who have voting privileges.
Central Intelligence Agency 
Defense Intelligence Agency 
Department of Commerce 
Department of Defense 
Department of Energy 
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Justice 
Department of State 
Department of Transportation 
Department of Treasury 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
General Services Administration 
National Security Agency 
National Security Council
Office of Management and Budget 
United States Air Force
United States Army 
United States Joint Chiefs of Staff 
United States Marine Corp 
United States Navy

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