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The September 11 Victim Compensation Fund of 2001

Report No. 04-01
October 2003
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II

Advance Benefits - Fixed awards of $50,000 for claimants of deceased victims and $25,000 for physically harmed victims payable within 15 days after the claimant is determined to be eligible.

Calculation Model - A computerized computation of the presumptive award amount based on economic loss plus noneconomic loss less collateral sources of compensation.

Claim Assistance Site - An office location manned by PwC personnel where potential claimants can obtain or submit claim forms and receive assistance in filling out the claim forms.

Collateral Sources - These include payments from life insurance, pension benefits, death benefits, and payments by federal, state, or local governments related to the terrorist-related aircraft crashes of September 11, 2001, but do not include charitable donations and contingent payments.

Final Award - This is the last amount determined in the award determination process and is the amount paid to the claimant once the claimant approves it.

Presumed Award - The first award amount issued by the Special Master to the claimant, which may be different from the presumptive award.

Presumptive Award - The award amount calculated by PwC using the calculation model.

Representative Income - The amount determined by review of historical data for the years preceding September 11 that best typifies the victim's current and potential earnings.

Special Master - The individual appointed by the Attorney General to administer the VCF.

Substantially Complete - Status of a claim achieved when there is enough information in the file to establish the claimant's eligibility and to calculate a presumptive award.

Track A - The claim processing option whereby, once the claimant's eligibility is determined, PwC uses the calculation model to calculate the presumptive award, and following review and approval by the Special Master, the claimant receives notification in writing of the presumed award amount. The claimant can accept the presumed award and receive payment or the claimant can seek a higher award through a hearing with the Special Master.

Track B - The claim processing option whereby, once the claimant's eligibility is determined, the claimant is notified in writing of his or her eligibility, but is not provided with a presumed award amount. The claimant instead proceeds to a hearing with the Special Master to present his or her claim and have the Special Master calculate the final award.