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Follow-up Audit of the Department of Justice Counterterrorism Fund

Report No. 03-33
September 2003
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II
Schedule of Dollar-Related Findings

Department Components:    
  Unsupported expenditures $1,110,606 11
  Unallowable expenditures 1,530,533 11
Non-DOJ Components:    
  Unsupported expenditures 328,735 29
  Unallowable expenditures 101,397 29
    Total Questioned Costs $3,071,271  


Questioned Costs are expenditures that do not comply with legal, regulatory or contractual requirements, or are not supported by adequate documentation at the time of the audit, or are unnecessary or unreasonable. Questioned costs may be remedied by offset, waiver, recovery of funds, or the provision of supporting documentation.

Funds to Better Use are future funds that could be used more efficiently if management took actions to implement and complete audit recommendations.