Department of Justice Drug Demand Reduction Activities

Report No. 03-12
February 2003
Office of the Inspector General




Goal 1: Protect America Against the Threat of Terrorism.
Objective 1: Prevent, disrupt, and defeat terrorist operations before they occur.
Objective 2: Develop and implement the full range of resources available to investigate terrorist incidents, bringing the perpetrators to justice.
Objective 3: Vigorously prosecute those who have committed, or intend to commit, terrorist acts against the United States.
Goal 2: Enforce Federal Criminal Laws
Objective 1: Reduce the threat, incidents, and prevalence of violent crime, especially as it stems from illegal use of guns or from organized criminal enterprises.
Objective 2: Reduce the threat, trafficking, and related violence of illegal drugs by identifying, disrupting, and dismantling drug trafficking organizations.
Objective 3: Combat espionage against the United States by strengthening counterintelligence capabilities.
Objective 4: Combat white collar and economic crime, especially cybercrime.
Objective 5: Combat crimes against children and other vulnerable victims of violence and exploitation.
Goal 3: Prevent and Reduce Crime and Violence By Assisting State, Tribal, Local, and Community-Based Programs
Objective 1: Improve the crime fighting and criminal justice administration capabilities of state, tribal, and local governments.
Objective 2: Reduce youth crime and victimization through assistance that emphasizes both enforcement and prevention.
Objective 3: Break the cycle of drugs and violence by reducing the demand for and use and trafficking of illegal drugs.
Objective 4: Uphold the rights of and improve services to America's crime victims.
Objective 5: Support innovative cooperative and community-based programs aimed at reducing crime and violence and promote resolution of racial tension.
Goal 4: Protect the Rights and Interests of the American People By Legal Representation, Enforcement of Federal Laws, and Defense of United States Interests
Objective 1: Uphold the civil rights of all Americans, reduce racial discrimination, and promote reconciliation through vigorous enforcement of civil rights laws.
Objective 2: Promote the stewardship of America's environment and natural resources through the enforcement and defense of environmental laws and programs.
Objective 3: Promote economic competition through enforcement of and guidance on antitrust laws and principles.
Objective 4: Promote the fair, correct, and uniform enforcement of the federal tax laws and the collection of tax debts to protect the federal fisc from unjustified claims.
Objective 5: Effectively represent the interests of the United States in all civil matters for which the DOJ has jurisdiction.
Goal 5: Fairly and Effectively Administer the Immigration and Naturalization Laws of the United States.
Objective 1: Secure America's borders, especially to reduce the incidence of alien smuggling.
Objective 2: Promote public safety by combating immigration-related crimes and removing individuals, especially criminals, who are unlawfully present in the United States.
Objective 3: Provide timely and consistent services and achieve a substantial reduction in the benefits processing backlog.
Objective 4: Improve operation efficiency and organizational effectiveness of the INS workforce.
Objective 5: Provide accurate, easy-to-use, readily accessible, and up?to-date information to meet planning and operational needs.
Objective 6: Improve the efficiency of the inspections process for lawful entry of persons and goods.
Objective 7: Adjudicate all immigration cases promptly and impartially in accordance with due process.
Goal 6: Protect American Society By Providing for the Safe, Secure, and Humane Confinement of Persons in Federal Custody
Objective 1: Provide for the safe, secure, and humane confinement of detained persons awaiting trial, sentencing, or immigration proceedings.
Objective 2: Ensure that sufficient and cost effective prison capacity exists so that violent and other serious criminal offenders are imprisoned to the fullest extent of the law.
Objective 3: Maintain and operate the federal prison system in a safe, secure, humane, and efficient manner.
Objective 4: Provide services and programs to facilitate inmates' successful reintegration into society, consistent with community expectations and standards.
Goal 7: Protect the Federal Judiciary and Provide Critical Support to the Federal Justice System to Ensure it Operates Effectively
Objective 1: Ensure the integrity and the safe and secure operation of the federal judicial system by protecting judges, witnesses, and other participants in federal proceedings.
Objective 2: Protect the rights of victims and assist them in moving through the process of the federal justice system.
Objective 3: Ensure the appearance of criminal defendants for judicial proceedings for confinement through a secure transportation, and ensure the apprehension of fugitives from justice.
Objective 4: Protect the integrity and ensure the effective operation of the Nation's bankruptcy system.
Goal 8: Ensure Professionalism, Excellence, Accountability, and Integrity in the Management and Conduct of DOJ Activities and Programs
Objective 1: Promote integrity and professionalism to ensure the fair and impartial administration of justice.
Objective 2: Strengthen internal financial systems and promote the efficient and effective use of resources to ensure public trust and confidence.
Objective 3: Develop and maintain grant management accountability mechanisms to ensure proper disbursement and monitoring of funds.
Objective 4: Improve the integrity and security of computer systems and make more effective use of information technology.
Objective 5: Strengthen human resource recruitment, retention, and performance to ensure a workforce that is skilled, diverse, and committed to excellence.