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Departmental Critical Infrastructure Protection
Planning for the Protection of Physical Infrastructure

Report No. 02-01
November 2001
Office of the Inspector General



We have audited the Department's planning and assessment activities for protecting its critical physical infrastructure. We reviewed the Department's efforts to identify its MEI, perform vulnerability assessments of its MEI, and develop remedial plans to address vulnerabilities.

In connection with the audit, and as required by Government Auditing Standards, we reviewed program activities and records to obtain reasonable assurance about the Department's compliance with laws and regulations that, if not complied with, we believe could have a material effect on program operations. Compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the Department's critical infrastructure planning is the responsibility of the Justice Management Division.

Our audit included examining, on a test basis, evidence about laws and regulations. Specifically, we conducted our tests against the relevant portions of:

Except for those issues cited in the Findings and Recommendations section of the report, our tests indicated that, for those items reviewed, the Department was in compliance with the laws and regulations referred to above. With respect to those transactions not tested, nothing came to our attention that caused us to believe that Department management was not in compliance with the laws and regulations cited above.