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Office of Debt Collection Managementís Implementation
of the Collection Litigation Automated Support System

Report No. 01-15
July 3, 2001
Office of the Inspector General


The purpose of this section is to bring to DCM managementís attention other matters that we noted during the audit. These matters are not part of the audit reportís Findings and Recommendations section because they are not directly related to the audit objective or are less significant in nature. Thus, no response is necessary since this section is for informational purposes only.

DCMís oversight of the CLASS contractor. The contract between the Department and CACI requires CACI to submit periodic reports on system down time and system processing time to DCM. When system down time or system processing time is outside the limits set by the contract, the contractor is required to grant the Department a credit against the amounts paid to the contractor to maintain the system. We found that the contractor had not submitted the required system monitoring reports to DCM and DCM had not taken any actions to enforce the contract terms. However, our on-site reviews at 7 USAOs and 12 Private Counsel offices did not identify any significant problems with system down time or system processing time.

DCMís list of CLASS users. The NCIF maintains a list of Department and Private Counsel users who are currently authorized to access and use the CLASS program. We found the list of active users provided by DCM was not accurate because it contained many individuals who no longer should have access to the system. We found that DCMís list contained 38 users in 17 of the 19 offices we visited that had either left the office or no longer needed access to the system. To no avail, at least 7 of 17 offices had previously contacted DCM to have the unauthorized users removed from the access list.