Oversight of Intergovernmental Agreements by the United States
Marshals Service and the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee

Audit Report 07-26
March 2007
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II
OFDT Functional Areas
Budget, Finance
and Forecasting
Procurement Detention Standards and Compliance General
Office of Management & Administration
  • OFDT budget formulation and execution

  • Detention budget formulation and execution

  • Cost estimation

  • Modeling and forecasting

  • Research and analysis of detention statistical data

  • Component cost estimates and billing

  • Develop and implement enterprise IT solutions

  • Maintain and support legacy systems

  • Lead, participate in, or collaborate with DOJ and other detention agency components on information sharing activities

  • Manage OFDT IT infrastructure and programs

  • OFDT procurement and oversight and strategic planning

  • Acquisition management

  • DOJ component procurement support

  • DHS/ICE procurement support

  • Contract development, negotiation, and administration

  • Review, maintain and coordinate detention standards

  • Facility review and compliance

  • Identify and disseminate best practices

  • Apply performance-based contracting standards

  • Subject matter experts - field interface data collection

  • Provide legal advice and counsel

  • Provide opinion, review, and legal interpretation with respect to detention operations and legislation

  • FOIA activities

  • Development of OFDT regulations and policies

  • Strategic planning (DOJ, OFDT, JPATS)

  • OFDT project and business action plans

  • External communications

  • Legislative affairs

  • OFDT GPRA requirements including PART

  • OFDT administrative operations, travel, office budget execution, personnel, training, property management, supplies, purchasing, calendar and schedules

  • Correspondence

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