United States Marshals Service's Use of Independent Contractors as Guards

Audit Report 05-24
May 2005
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix VI

U.S. Marshal Questionnaire
Personal Service Contract Guards


1. Does the district employ the use of independent contractors as personal services contract guards?

If yes, please describe what duties these contractors perform.

Does the district also utilize a vendor guard company contract?

If yes, please explain how the company guards are used. (Note: if your district does not use independent contractors as personal services contract guards the remaining questions can be answered as not applicable).


2. How many personal service contract guards does the district currently employ? Please provide a breakdown of the number of guards by categories per USMS policy directive 9.31 – Use of Personal Services Contract Guards.

Category 1:

Category 2:

Category 3:

Category 4:

Category 5:


3. Please describe the methodology used by the district to schedule and assign work hours for independent contractors in order to maximize coverage and minimize overtime?
4. a. What is the hourly wage rate for independent contractors in your district?

b. What methodology was used to determine the wage rate, e.g., DOL prevailing wage rate?

5. Does the district utilize both armed and unarmed independent personal services contract guards?

If so, what percentage of your contract guards are unarmed and are they paid at the same hourly rate as the armed contract guards?


6. How much money was allocated for independent personal services contract guards (Sub Object 1101) in your district budget for FY 03?    $

How much was actually spent?



7. Is the district satisfied with the budgeting and funding for contract guards?

How can this process be improved?


  • When (months/years) has the district run out of money for independent personal services guards in the past 4 years (since FY 2000)?



What was the impact on the district, e.g., reallocation of resources from competing priorities?

9. Describe the procurement process for independent contract guards, i.e., advertisement, word of mouth, on-site recruiting, sealed bid, etc.

a. Please describe the training provided to independent contract guards by the district.

b. What are the differences, if any, in training between armed guards and unarmed guards?

c. How often is training conducted?

11. a. How are personal service contract guards evaluated on their performance?

b. Who evaluates their performance?

12. If the district is not satisfied with a contract guard’s performance what action is taken?
13. In your opinion, should contract guard candidates be required to meet the same physical fitness requirements as deputy marshals?

Please explain your answer.


14. What is your current staffing requirement for operational deputy marshals based on the Workforce Equalization Model (WEM)?
15. What is your actual staffing for operational deputy marshals?

How many operational vacancies currently exist in your district (not including reservists called to active duty)?



16. Does the district use personal service contract guards to augment its deputy marshal force or to fill in for staffing shortages?
17. In your district, which do you believe to be the best method for procuring contract guards: independent contract guards, guard company contracts, or cooperative agreements?
18. Overall, are you satisfied with the use of independent contract guards in your district?

What recommendation(s) would you make to improve the process?


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