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United States Marshals Service's Prisoner Medical Care

Report No. 04-14
February 2004
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix VIII
USMS Policies and Porcedures
for Cellblock Operations

The USMS has policies and procedures that cover medical situations encountered in the cellblock. These policies require that:

  • If a prisoner in the cellblock needs emergency medical assistance, the local medical emergency service (EMS) will be immediately contacted. Each deputy will ensure that any prisoner with a medical emergency will be provided immediate medical assistance. Any prisoner who exhibits signs of illness or injury will be offered medical treatment.
  • At least one sign will be posted in each cellblock advising prisoners how to request emergency medical assistance. The signs will be written in English and any other language prevalent in the geographic area. The signs should be posted in an area that the prisoners occupy.
  • If a prisoner refuses transportation and/or medical assistance after complaining of illness or injury, the prisoner will be required to sign a USM-210 acknowledging a desire not to receive medical assistance.
  • Deputy marshals will not diagnose ailments. However, the supervisory deputy marshal (SDUSM) will be informed when a deputy suspects a prisoner is exhibiting symptoms of TB.
  • A first aid kit will be available in each cellblock and replenished as necessary. The SDUSM will inspect the first aid kit weekly to ensure it is adequately supplied and note the inspection in the cellblock activity log.
  • Prescribed medications, except for nitroglycerin, found in the possession of a prisoner will be taken away while the prisoner is in the cellblock. If a medical professional confirms the prisoner requires medication while being housed at the cellblock, the prescribed medication will be issued by and taken in the presence of a deputy. Any remaining medication will be returned to the detention facility where the prisoner is housed in accordance with the facility's policy and procedure. Over-the-counter medications will not be provided to prisoners while housed in the cellblock.