Management of the Office of Justice Programs’ Grant Programs for Trafficking Victims

Audit Report 08-26
July 2008
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix II
Trafficking Cooperative Agreements and Grants
Awarded by OJP’s Office for Victims of Crime
and Bureau of Justice Assistance
Grantee Award
OVC Service Provider Cooperative Agreements    
Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach (California) 2003-VT-BX-K006 $1,152,230
Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition (California) 2004-VT-BX-K006 $1,045,000
BOAT People S.O.S., Inc. (District of Columbia) 2003-VT-BX-K009 $1,896,535
BOAT People S.O.S., Inc. (District of Columbia) 2007-VT-BX-K003 $325,000
Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. (Texas) 2006-VT-BX-K013 $450,000
City of Indianapolis/Julian Center (Indiana) 2006-VT-BX-K002 $500,000
Civil Society (Minnesota) 2006-VT-BX-K004 $500,000
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (California) 2004-VT-BX-K001 $1,635,000
Guma’ Esperansa-Karidat (Commonwealth of Northern Marianna Islands) 2006-VT-BX-K012 $449,793
Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights (Illinois and Neighboring Regions of the Midwest) 2003-VT-BX-K003 $1,173,568
Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights (Eight Midwestern States located more than 150 miles from Chicago, Illinois) 2003-VT-BX-K002 $490,829
Hope House, Inc. (Missouri) 2006-VT-BX-K010 $450,000
International Institute of Boston (Massachusetts) 2004-VT-BX-K009 $1,033,109
International Institute of Buffalo, Inc. (New York) 2006-VT-BX-K015 $449,708
International Institute of Connecticut, Inc. 2006-VT-BX-K003 $500,000
International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis (Missouri) 2006-VT-BX-K005 $499,974
International Rescue Committee (Florida) 2003-VT-BX-K011 $2,026,660
International Rescue Committee (Arizona) 2003-VT-BX-K010 $1,480,285
International Rescue Committee (Washington) 2004-VT-BX-K007 $1,044,999
Justice Resource Institute, Project Reach (Eastern Seaboard States and Texas) 2003-VT-BX-4004 $628,383
Little Tokyo Service Center (California) 2003-VT-BX-K001 $583,697
Massachusetts Mental Health Institute Trauma Center (15 East Coast States, District of Columbia, and Texas) 2003-VT-BX-K004 $431,604
Metropolitan Battered Women’s Program (Louisiana) 2007-VF-GX-K001 $449,743
Mosaic Family Services, Inc. (Texas) 2003-VT-BX-K005 $1,093,552
Mosaic Family Services, Inc. (Texas) 2006-VT-BX-K016 $774,996
New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance 2004-VT-BX-K008 $500,000
Refugee Services of Texas 2006-VT-BX-K006 $545,000
Refugee Women’s Network, Inc. (Georgia) 2004-VT-BX-K010 $532,958
Safe Horizon, Inc. (Training and Technical Assistance) (Throughout the U.S.) 2003-VT-BX-K012 $681,595
Safe Horizon, Inc. (Comprehensive Services) (New York) 2004-VT-BX-K002 $1,100,000
The Salvation Army Hawaiian and Pacific Island Division (Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Commonwealth of Northern Marianna Islands) 2006-VT-BX-K007 $700,000
OVC Service Provider Cooperative Agreements    
The Salvation Army (Nevada) 2006-VT-BX-K014 $449,997
The Salvation Army National Headquarters (Throughout the U.S.) 2003-VT-BX-K008 $282,846
Salvation Army Western Territory (Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming) 2005-VT-BX-K001 $1,074,147
Tapestri, Inc. (Georgia) 2007-VT-BX-K004 $250,000
Tides Center (Utah) 2006-VT-BX-K011 $450,000
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (Oregon) 2004-VT-BX-K004 $667,237
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Inc. (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) 2004-VT-BX-K003 $708,298
World Relief Corporation (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia) 2004-VT-BX-K005 $1,099,998
World Relief Corporation (Florida) 2006-VT-BX-K008 $450,000
YMCA of the Greater Houston Area, Inc. (Louisiana, Texas) 2003-VT-BX-K007 $1,149,927
  Total (41 Cooperative Agreements)   $31,706,668
BJA Task Force Grants    
San Diego County (California) 2005-VT-BX-0001 $448,134
Collier County (Florida) 2005-VT-BX-0002 $639,378
Cobb County (Georgia) Board of Commissioners 2005-VT-BX-0003 $300,802
Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia 2005-VT-BX-0004 $449,764
City of Atlanta (Georgia) 2005-VT-BX-0005 $450,000
Government of Territorial and International American Samoa 2005-VT-BX-0006 $337,500
Harris County (Texas) 2005-VT-BX-0007 $936,681
Hawaii Department of the Attorney General 2005-VT-BX-0008 $305,333
City of Oakland (California) 2005-VT-BX-0009 $675,000
Phoenix Police Department (Arizona) 2005-VT-BX-0010 $450,000
City of Boston (Massachusetts) 2005-VT-BX-0011 $443,082
Seattle Police Department (Washington) 2005-VT-BX-0012 $950,000
County of Suffolk (New York) 2005-VT-BX-0013 $312,182
City of El Paso (Texas) 2005-VT-BX-0014 $450,000
City of Los Angeles (California) 2005-VT-BX-0015 $650,000
New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety 2005-VT-BX-0016 $420,502
City of Austin (Texas) 2005-VT-BX-0017 $674,632
Nassau County (New York) 2005-VT-BX-0018 $450,000
San Francisco City and County Police Department (California) 2005-VT-BX-0019 $225,000
Connecticut Department of Public Safety 2005-VT-BX-0020 $448,983
Miami Dade County (Florida) 2005-VT-BX-0021 $450,000
City of San Jose (California) 2005-VT-BX-1155 $225,000
City of St. Paul (Minnesota) 2005-VT-BX-1156 $450,000
Colorado Division of Criminal Justice 2005-VT-BX-1158 $450,000
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (Missouri) 2005-VT-BX-1159 $328,959
City of Indianapolis (Indiana) 2005-VT-BX-1160 $450,000
Chicago Police Department (Illinois) 2005-VT-BX-1161 $450,000
County of Lee (Florida) 2005-VT-BX-1162 $450,000
City of Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 2005-VT-BX-1163 $192,770
New York City Police Department (New York) 2005-VT-BX-1165 $450,000
Municipality of Anchorage (Alaska) 2005-VT-BX-1166 $450,000
Multnomah County (Oregon) 2005-VT-BX-1167 $450,000
Las Vegas Metro Police Department (Nevada) 2006-VT-BX-0001 $369,572
Salt Lake City (Utah) 2006-VT-BX-0002 $450,000
City of Fort Worth (Texas) 2006-VT-BX-0003 $450,000
Erie County (New York) 2006-VT-BX-0004 $450,000
Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement 2006-VT-BX-0005 $450,000
Bexar County Sheriff (Texas) 2006-VT-BX-0006 $406,862
City of Clearwater (Florida) 2006-VT-BX-0007 $450,000
City of Independence (Missouri) 2006-VT-BX-0008 $450,000
Dallas Police Department (Texas) 2006-VT-BX-0009 $450,000
Northern Mariana Department of Public Safety (U.S. Trust Territory) 2006-VT-BX-0017 $448,083
  Totals (42 Grants)   $19,188,219
  Combined Totals (83 Cooperative Agreements and Grants)   $50,894,887

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