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The Office of Justice Programs Convicted Offender
DNA Sample Backlog Reduction Grant Program

Report No. 02-20
May 2002
Office of the Inspector General


The OJP response to our draft report appears in Appendix V and includes the actions OJP had taken or intended to take to close the audit recommendations. The response included two attachments, entitled: (1) Performance Measurement Table, and (2) Document Tracking Worksheet. Because the response included sufficient detail to address our recommendations, we did not include the attachments in this report.

The status of the individual recommendations is as follows.

  1. Closed.

  2. Resolved. OJP stated in its response that it had changed its business practices with regard to grantee submission of progress reports and that it will withhold grant payment requests if progress reports are delinquent. OJP also stated that it intends to revise the OJP Financial Guide to reflect these changes in its next update expected in May 2002. Further, NIJ plans to supplement OJP's written procedures with their own internal written procedures for following up on delinquent progress reports and resolving issues with grantees that fail to comply with grant requirements. This recommendation can be closed when we receive copies of the revised OJP Financial Guide and of the internal written procedures developed by NIJ.