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Office of Justice Programs
Fiscal Year 2000

Report No. 01-22
August 2001
Office of the Inspector General

Schedule 5
Required Supplementary Information (Unaudited)
Intragovernmental Non-Exchange Revenue and Gross Cost by Partner Agency

Intragovernmental Non-Exchange Revenue:

     Trading Partners Non-exchange Revenue
Transfers- In Transfers-Out
Department of Justice $100,397
Department of Health and Human Services 8,500

   Total $100,397 8,500

Intragovernmental Gross Cost:

    Trading Partners Gross Costs
Department of Agriculture 29
Department of Commerce 46,780
Department of Interior 239
Department of Justice 64,755
Department of Labor 50
U.S. Postal Service 6,193
Department of State 2,256
Department of Treasury 3,085
U.S. Courts 7,205
Thrift Investment Board 1,463
Federal Trade Commission 59
General Service Administration 10,327
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 502
Department of Health and Human Services 2,891
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 111
Department of Energy 564
Department of Education 22,836
Independent Agencies 32,058
Office of the Secretary of Defense- Defense Agencies 5,777
Total $210,326