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Office of Justice Programs
Fiscal Year 2000

Report No. 01-22
August 2001
Office of the Inspector General

Statement of Budgetary Resources
For the Year Ended September 30, 2000

In Thousands

Budgetary Resources

Budget Authority $4,261,906 
Unobligated Balances - Beginning of Period (Note 9) 1,493,374 
Net Transfers, Prior Year Balance, Actual 4,130 
Spending Authority From Offsetting Collections (Note 9) 396,557 
Recoveries Of Prior Year Obligations (Note 9) 242,832 
Budgetary Resources Temporarily Unavailable (Note 9) (1,262,140)
Budgetary Resources Permanently Unavailable (Note 9) (77,849)
   Total Budgetary Resources $5,058,810 

Status Of Budgetary Resources

Obligations Incurred $3,978,595 
Unobligated Balances-Available 1,079,205 
Unobligated Balances-Not Available 1,010 
   Total Status Of Budgetary Resources $5,058,810 


Obligations Incurred$3,978,595 
Spending Authority from Offsetting Collections and Recoveries of
Prior Year Obligations
Obligated Balance, Net - Beginning of Period 5,958,604 
Obligated Balance, Net - End of Period (6,048,214)
   Total Outlays$3,249,595 

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these statements.