Progress Report on Development of the Integrated Wireless Network in the Department of Justice

Audit Report 07-25
March 2007
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix 8
Department of Homeland Security
Response to the Draft Report

(via e-mail dated March 16, 2007)

Thank you for your report which succinctly identifies the pertinent issues with the IWN program.

The DOJIG report identifies significant DOJ affordability issues with replacing obsolete DOJ communications equipment in general; and in funding the IWN program in particular. As recommended by the DOJIG, DHS will work with DOJ and Treasury to assess the viability of IWN as a joint project, assuring appropriate interoperability and determine what should be the best way ahead for all three Departments.

I communicated the above in a phone call with the Assistant Attorney General for Administration.

Paul Schneider
Under Secretary for Management, DHS

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