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Unaccompanied Juveniles in INS Custody
Report Number I-2001-009
September 28, 2001


Commonly Used Abbreviations & Terms


DACSDeportable Alien Control System
DOJDepartment of Justice
D&RDetention and Removal
EOIRExecutive Office for Immigration Review
HABHumanitarian Affairs Branch
INSImmigration and Naturalization Service
JAMSJuvenile Alien Management System
LIRSLutheran Immigrant and Refugee Service
NTAForm I-862, Notice to Appear
OIG Office of the Inspector General
PHSPublic Health Service
SIRSignificant Incident Report
SPCService Processing Center
USCCUnited States Catholic Conference
USMSUnited States Marshals Service


Alien FileRecord of information relative to an individual alien (A-file)

A-numberA unique numeric identifier assigned to an alien and is issued by INS to maintain its records of all information relative to that individual.

Book-inDate recorded in JAMS when a juvenile is placed in a facility

FloresJenny Lisette Flores, et al. v. Janet Reno stipulated settlement agreement

GuardianA guardian appointed to act on behalf of a minor who is Ad litem not acting as the alien's immigration attorney, is not a relative of the alien, and is not a person with a conflict of interest.

HomeAn extensive review, conducted by the USCC and LIRS, Assessment into a potential sponsor for a special sub-group of juveniles considered at risk from smugglers. All Chinese and Indian juveniles receive a home assessment.

InstanceA unique custody event. Captured by JAMS, whenever a juvenile is placed into or transferred to a facility, a new instance is recorded.

InfluxThe condition when the INS has, at any given time, more than 130 juveniles eligible for placement in a shelter facility, including those who have been so placed or are awaiting such placement.

INFLUXA JAMS placement code indicating a juvenile was placed in a secure facility due to an influx of juveniles into the United States.

MediumA facility that provides 24-hour awake supervision, Secure custody, care, and treatment for juveniles who require Facility close supervision but do not need placement in juvenile correctional facilities. Such facilities may have a secure perimeter but shall not be equipped internally with major restraining construction.

SecureA state or county juvenile detention facility or a secure Facility INS detention facility, or INS-contracted facility, having separate accommodations for juveniles.

ShelterA facility that is licensed by an appropriate state agency to provide residential, group, or foster care services for dependent children. All homes and facilities shall be non-secure.