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Survey of INS's Anti-Smuggling Units
Report Number I-2001-003
March 2001



Generally, we found that responses to our survey did not differ significantly between Border Patrol sector Anti-smuggling Units (ASUs) and district office ASUs. Therefore, we were able to identify a number of issues that were common among all ASUs. However, we also found several instances where sector and district responses differed sharply from one another, suggesting that ASU views and experiences should not be generalized in every case. Examples of these differences include:

Question 6: There is agreement between you and your sector chief/district director over what the mission of your ASU should be.

Question 14: Overall, how would you rate the level of coordination that exists between your ASU and the local U.S. Attorney's Office?

Question 23: To what extent has your ASU received the resources necessary for performing its mission?

Question 26: To what extent do the agents in your ASU perform non-investigative tasks, such as patrolling the border or transporting aliens to detention facilities?