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Reemployment of Annuitants by the Immigration and Naturalization Service

Report No. 03-16
February 2003
Office of the Inspector General



Information needed to request a waiver to annuity offset:

Information required concerning the mission of the project/program:

  • Describe why hiring the individual is critical to the project. Include knowledges, skills, and abilities possessed by the individual that are essential for successful completion of the project and that could not be acquired by another appointee within a reasonable time. Also explain why the work cannot be assigned to other employees involved in the same project.
  • What are the individual's special qualifications. What are his qualifications as compared to others in his field, i.e., what distinguishes him as outstanding and above any one else.
  • What is the urgent need for his services
  • How will the investigation/program suffer without his services.
  • Describe recruitment difficulties. What were your recruitment efforts. How was the individual identified.
  • State length of time needed to complete the project.

Information required concerning the individual for whom the waiver is being requested:

  • Name of the individual
  • Social security number and CSRS or FERS claim number, if any
  • Date of Retirement
  • Type of retirement (voluntary, discontinued service, disability, etc.)
  • Amount of current annuity
  • Amount of salary if reemployed
  • Analysis of the individual's qualifications that meet the agency's emergency need/critical skills
  • Provide documentation as to why this person is the best candidate rather than recruiting from the general public
  • Individual's SF-171, OF-612, or resume
  • Documentation of bona fide offers of nonfederal government employment, if any
  • Documentation that the individual will retire and not accept the position if a waiver is not granted. Must prove that individual will sustain a financial hardship if waiver is not granted.
  • Were other staffing alternatives considered: retention allowance. If not, why not.

Information required regarding the position:

  • Title, series, grade, salary and duty location, and type of appointment
  • Copy of position description and description of the qualifications required, including selective factors
  • Copy of rating and ranking factors for the position
  • Copy of supervisory evaluation of other individuals on the best qualified list which outlines the individuals' knowledges, skills, and abilities and why the other applicant was not selected over the retired federal employee

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