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Immigration and Naturalization Service Collection of Fees at Air Ports of Entry

Report No. 02-42
September 2002
Office of the Inspector General


Redacted Version

Form G-22, Inspection Summary Report - A summary of port of entry inspection activity reported on a monthly basis.

Form G-211, Receipt for Cash - A manually completed receipt. It is a prenumbered or unnumbered two-part form that is furnished to an alien when an application requiring a fee is received over the counter.

Form G-221, Schedule of Valuables Shipped - A record of the shipment of remittances to a Federal Reserve Bank or other depositary.

Form G-253, Daily Register of Fee Receipts - A form used to record, by line entry, all fees received and receipted on Form G-211 or Form G-711 during a business day.

Form G-711, Individual Fee Register Receipt - A 3-part, prenumbered form used to record fees received and accepted over the counter during a business day.

Form G-712, Summary of Fees - Multi-copy form used to account for the individual receipts issued, total amount of fees collected, and verification of the accuracy of the deposit.

Form G-714, Receipt for Funds and Valuables Transferred - A form used to transfer accountability for fees collected from one employee to another.

Form SF-215, Deposit Ticket - A form used to document deposits credited to the account of the U.S. Treasury.

Redacted Version