The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Efforts to Combat Crimes Against Children

Audit Report 09-08
January 2009
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix VII
FBI Investigative Priorities

The FBI accomplishes its mission by prioritizing its investigations of crimes based on an overall priority ranking, as follows.

No. Priority Description
1 Protect the United States from terrorist attack
2 Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage
3 Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes135
4 Combat public corruption at all levels
5 Protect civil rights
6 Combat transnational/national criminal organizations and enterprises
7 Combat major white-collar crime
8 Combat significant violent crime136
9 Support federal, state, local and international partners
10 Upgrade technology to successfully perform the FBI’s mission
Source: FBI


  1. IINI investigates online sexual exploitation of children and is a component of the Cyber Crime Section within the Cyber Division that addresses third-ranked priority: cyber-related crimes.

  2. The CACU investigates crimes against children without a cyber nexus and is a component of the Violent Crimes Section within the Criminal Investigative Division that addresses eighth-ranked priority: “Combat significant violent crime.


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