The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Efforts to Combat Crimes Against Children

Audit Report 09-08
January 2009
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix III
DOJ Strategic Plan FYs 2007 through 2012
Goal 1: Prevent Terrorism and Promote the Nation’s Security
1.1 Prevent, disrupt, and defeat terrorist operations before they occur.
1.2 Strengthen partnerships to prevent, deter, and respond to terrorist incidents.
1.3 Prosecute those who have committed, or intend to commit, terrorist acts in the United States.
1.4 Combat Espionage against the United States.
Goal 2: Prevent Crime, Enforce Federal Laws, and
Represent the Rights and Interests of the American People
2.1 Strengthen partnerships for safer communities and enhance the Nation’s capacity to prevent, solve, and control crime.
2.2 Reduce the threat, incidence, and prevalence of violent crime.
2.3 Prevent, suppress, and intervene in crimes against children.
2.4 Reduce the threat, trafficking, use, and related violence of illegal drugs.
2.5 Combat public and corporate corruption, fraud, economic crime, and cybercrime.
2.6 Uphold the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans.
2.7 Vigorously enforce and represent the interests of the United States in all matters over which the Department has jurisdiction.
2.8 Protect the integrity and ensure the effective operation of the Nation’s bankruptcy system.
Goal 3: Ensure the Fair and Efficient Administration of Justice
3.1 Protect judges, witnesses, and other participants in federal proceedings, and ensure the appearance of criminal defendants for judicial proceedings or confinement.
3.2 Ensure the apprehension of fugitives from justice.
3.3 Provide for the safe, secure, and humane confinement of detained persons awaiting trial and/or sentencing, and those in the custody of the Federal Prison System.
3.4 Provide services and programs to facilitate inmates’ successful reintegration into society, consistent with community expectations and standards.
3.5 Adjudicate all immigration cases promptly and impartially in accordance with due process.
3.6 Promote and strengthen innovative strategies in the administration of state and local justice systems.
3.7 Uphold the rights and improve services to America’s crime victims.
Source: DOJ


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