The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Control Over Weapons and Laptop Computers Follow-Up Audit

Audit Report 07-18
February 2007
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix XIV
Form FD-519

FD-519 (Rev. 7-12-84)



After Bureau authority is granted cannibalization and destruction of equipment for the purpose of obtaining parts to repair a like item is permitted when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Repair of broken or worn parts is not possible.

  2. Required parts are not available from other units previously cannibalized.

  3. Required parts are not available from Government excess. (Government excess means any personal property under the control of any Federal Agency which is not required for its needs to the discharge of its responsibilities, as determined by the head thereof.)

  4. The parts are not available from commercial or Government supply sources or it is not practical to obtain the required parts from commercial sources because of obsolescence, excessive price or extraordinary lead times.

  5. The benefit realized from cannibalization exceeds the estimated trade-in or sale value of the unit being considered for cannibalization.

  6. A signed statement, approved by a reviewing official, indicating the actions taken to verify the above conditions is made part of the file supporting the removal of the cannibalized item from property records, and such information is made available upon request to General Accounting Office and Department auditors.

  7. In accordance with General Services Administration authorization, dated ______________.


In conditions, as set forth above have been made to the best of my knowledge with regard to the equipment listed below and on FD-508, SF-126, or SF-120, Number ____________________, dated _______________. This equipment should therefore be removed from inventory and the parts will be used for the repair and maintenance of similar equipment.


Position Title


Reviewed by

Item Description


Property Number

Serial Number

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