Combined DNA Index System Operational and Laboratory Vulnerabilities

Audit Report 06-32
May 2006
Office of the Inspector General

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Figure 1 – Example of System Hierarchy within CODIS

  • NDIS
    • SDIS Laboratory Richmond, CA
      • LDIS Laboratories (partial list):
        • Orange County Sheriff’s Department
        • San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
        • San Diego Police Department
    • SDIS Laboratory Springfield, IL
      • LDIS Laboratories (partial list):
        • DuPage County Sheriff’s Office
        • Illinois State Police, Chicago
        • Illinois State Police, Rockford
    • SDIS Laboratory Tallahassee, FL
      • LDIS Laboratories (partial list):
        • Broward County Sheriff’s Office
        • Miami-Dade Police Department
        • Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office

Source: OIG analysis of CODIS system hierarchy

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Figure 11 – CODIS Unit Organization Chart as of December 2005

  • Unit Chief
  • Management Assistant
    • National Missing Persons Program Manager, Vacant
    • CODIS Program Manager, Filled August 2005
      • Program Analyst, Vacant
    • NDIS Program Manager/Custodian, Vacant
      • CODIS Auditor, Clearance Pending
      • Program Analyst
      • CODIS Auditor, Vacant
      • Program Analyst
      • CODIS Auditor, Vacant
      • Paralegal Specialist, Clearance Pending

Source: FBI CODIS Unit management

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