Combined DNA Index System Operational and Laboratory Vulnerabilities

Audit Report 06-32
May 2006
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix V
DOJ OIG CODIS Laboratory Audits, FYs 2000 2006

FY 2000 Audits

Audit Report Number GR-80-00-009, Broward County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, April 2000.

Audit Report Number GR-80-00-011, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tallahassee Regional Crime Laboratory, May 2000.

Audit Report Number GR-80-00-013, Miami-Dade Police Department Crime Laboratory Bureau, Miami, Florida, June 2000.

Audit Report Number GR-40-00-013, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory, Raleigh, North Carolina, June 2000.

Audit Report Number GR-90-00-019, California Department of Justice Berkeley DNA Laboratory, Berkeley, California, July 2000.

Audit Report Number GR‑50‑00‑025, Illinois State Police Springfield DNA Laboratory, Springfield, Illinois, August 2000.

Audit Report Number GR‑70‑00‑017, Pennsylvania State Police Greensburg DNA Laboratory, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, September 2000.

Audit Report Number GR-30-00-005, Virginia Division of Forensic Science Central Laboratory, Richmond, Virginia, September 2000.

FY 2001 Audits

Audit Report Number GR‑80‑01‑005, Arkansas State Crime Laboratory, Little Rock, Arkansas, January 2001.

Audit Report Number GR-50-01-003, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Forensic Science Laboratory, St. Paul, Minnesota, March 2001.

Audit Report Number GR-80-01-010, Texas Department of Public Safety Headquarters Laboratory, Austin, Texas, April 2001.

Audit Report Number GR‑40-01-004, Kentucky State Police Forensic Laboratory, Frankfort, Kentucky, May 2001.

FY 2002 Audits

Audit Report Number GR-90-02-003, Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Forensic Science Services, Orange County, California, October 2001.

Audit Report Number GR‑90‑2‑007, Portland Forensic Laboratory, Portland, Oregon, December 2001.

FY 2004 Audits

Audit Report Number. GR-70-04-006, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Forensic Sciences Laboratory, Wilmington, Delaware, May 2004.

Audit Report Number GR-40-04-006, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Division of Forensic Sciences Laboratory, Decatur, Georgia, June 2004.

Audit Report Number GR-30-04-005, Baltimore City Police Department Crime Laboratory, Baltimore, Maryland, July 2004.

Audit Report Number GR‑60‑04-009, Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory, Lincoln, Nebraska, July 2004.

Audit Report Number GR-30-04-006, Montgomery County Police Department Crime Laboratory, Rockville, Maryland, September 2004.

Audit Report Number GR-90-04-015, San Diego Police Department Forensic Science Section, San Diego, California, September 2004.

FY 2005 Audits

Audit Report Number GR-40-05-002, United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Forest Park, Georgia, October 2004.

Audit Report Number GR‑50‑05-001, Kansas City Police Crime Laboratory, Kansas City, Missouri, November 2004.

Audit Report Number GR-70-05-005, New Jersey State Police Forensic Science Laboratory Bureau, Hamilton, New Jersey, December 2004.

Audit Report Number GR-70-05-009, The City of New York Office of Chief Medical Examiner Department of Forensic Biology, New York, New York, February 2005.

Audit Report Number GR-60-05-005, Colorado Bureau of Investigation Department of Public Safety DNA Laboratory, Denver, Colorado, April 2005.

Audit Report Number GR-70-05-011, State of Connecticut Forensic Science Laboratory, Meriden, Connecticut, April 2005.

Audit Report Number GR-40-05-007, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Forensic Services laboratory, Columbia, South Carolina, May 2005.

Audit Report Number GR-40-05-008, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tampa Bay Regional Operations Center, Tampa, Florida, May 2005.

Audit Report Number GR-50-05-011, State of Michigan, Department of State Police Lansing Forensic Science Laboratory, June 2005.

Audit Report Number GR 60-05-009, Arizona Department of Public Safety Scientific Analysis Bureau DNA Laboratory, Phoenix, Arizona, June 2005.

FY 2006 Audits

Audit Report Number GR-90-06-001, California Department of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services Fresno Regional Laboratory, Fresno, California, November 2005

Audit Report Number GR-40-06-002, State of Mississippi Department of Public Safety Mississippi Crime laboratory Jackson, Mississippi. December 2005

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