The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Pre-Acquisition Planning for
and Controls Over the Sentinel Case Management System

Audit Report 06-14
March 2006
Office of the Inspector General

Statement on Compliance with
Laws and Regulations

This audit assessed the FBI's planning for its Sentinel case management project. In connection with the audit, as required by the Government Auditing Standards, we reviewed management processes and records to obtain reasonable assurance that the FBI's compliance with laws and regulations that, if not complied with, in our judgment, could have a material effect on FBI operations. Compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the FBI's management of the Sentinel project is the responsibility of the FBI's management.

Our audit included examining, on a test basis, evidence about laws and regulations. The specific laws and regulations against which we conducted our tests are contained in the relevant portions of:

  • President's Management Agenda,

  • OMB Circulars A-11 and A-130,

  • Executive Order 13356 (superseded by “Executive Order: Further Strengthening the Sharing of Terrorism Information to Protect Americans,” dated October 25, 2005),

  • Federal Acquisition Regulations,

  • E-Government Act,

  • Clinger-Cohen Act,

  • Paperwork Reduction Act,

  • DOJ IT Strategic Plan,

  • Federal Investigative Case Management System Framework,

  • FBI IT Strategic Plan, and

  • FBI Life Cycle Management Directive.

Our audit identified no areas where the FBI was not in compliance with the laws and regulations referred to above. With respect to transactions that were not tested, nothing came to our attention that caused us to believe that FBI management was not in compliance with the laws and regulations cited above.

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