The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Pre-Acquisition Planning for
and Controls Over the Sentinel Case Management System

Audit Report 06-14
March 2006
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix 8

Questionnaire Used to Determine the Most
Viable Contract Vehicle

  1. Contract Conditions
    1. Are there specific limitations on the types of services or products that may be acquired?

    2. Are there limitations on the dollar amount/percentage of services to computer hardware/software?

    3. Are there specifics restrictions or terms/conditions on the purchase of computer hardware/software?

    4. Describe the interagency fee structure. Is this fee structure flexible depending on the level of support required, or the amount of funds obligated?

    5. What type of operating agreement will be put in place between the FBI and your agency?

    6. Are there period of performance limitations that apply to this GWAC?

    7. Can the contract/task order cross fiscal years or exceed 12-months?

    8. Can the task order be incrementally funded?

    9. How are interagency funds transfers handled?

    10. What happens to funds that are not obligated?

    11. Are there limitations/caps on the prime contractor rates charged under this vehicle?

    12. What escalations factors are built into the rate structures?

    13. Can labor categories be added to the contract?

    14. Does the GWAC contracting officer periodically audit the prime contracts? If so, will the FBI receive a copy of the audit?

    15. Are there any provisions in the GWAC contract that would preclude the FBI from conducting their own audits (e.g. timecards, invoices) at their discretion?

    16. Are there maximum/minimum order limitations?

    17. Are there any particular or unique terms and conditions of which the FBI should be aware?

    18. What is the process for handling modifications? Are there limitations on the scope of changes?

  2. Government Roles and Responsibilities
    1. What services are provided by your agency both pre and post award?

    2. Can we retain specific oversight of the contract post-award using FBI Contracting Officers?

    3. Will you provide dedicated personnel responsible for this particular action?

  3. Source Selection
    1. Can the FBI perform an independent proposal evaluation using internal best value source selection procedures?

    2. Can the FBI limit competition to certain primes based on the use of a white paper down-selection, an advisory multi-step process, or other FAR-compliant mechanisms?

    3. Despite limited distribution of the RFP, are other primes able to submit a proposal even if they did not receive the RFP?

    4. What will be your role in the source selection process?

    5. Upon completion of the source selection how long will it take to award the contract?

  4. Contractor Teams
    1. What are the restrictions on adding additional primes or subcontractors?

    2. Are there restrictions on the percentage of work that primes must perform versus subs?

    3. Are there any restrictions on teaming arrangements? Are there any restrictions on prime contractors teaming with each other?

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