The Implementation of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act

Audit Report 06-13
March 2006
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix X

OIG Survey to Law Enforcement

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General, is reviewing the progress of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the telecommunications industry in implementing the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (CALEA). The purpose of CALEA was to ensure that law enforcement could continue to conduct lawful electronic surveillance in the face of rapidly changing technology. As part of this review, we are asking law enforcement personnel to complete the following survey about their use of electronic surveillance, and identify any problems they experienced with telecommunication carriers.

Please fax your completed survey to the
attention of the CALEA Audit Team at
(202) 616-4581 by April 8, 2005.

Please contact the members of the CALEA Audit Team at (202) 353 1721 or at (202) 616 3685, if you have any questions. If your division does not conduct electronic surveillance, please forward this survey to the appropriate official. If the official completing this survey is other than listed on the label below, please provide the correct information in the space provided. We appreciate your cooperation and prompt responses.

[PLACE LABEL HERE]   Name/Title: ______________________________
Telephone: ______________________________
E-mail: __________________________________
Agency: _________________________________
Address: ________________________________
City: ___________ State: ____ Zip Code: ____
  1. Did your agency conduct any wiretaps, pen registers, or traps and traces during calendar year 2004?

    Yes   No   Donít Know  

  2. If your agency did not conduct any electronic surveillance during 2004, please indicate the reason(s) why:

      Yes No Donít Know
    Not necessary
    Could not afford
    Carrier unable to conduct intercepts
    Donít know how to conduct
    Other _________________________________________________

    (If your agency does not conduct electronic surveillance, stop here. Please fax
    only this page to the CALEA Audit Team at (202) 616-4581.)

  3. How many electronic surveillances did your agency conduct in 2004?

    1. wiretaps
    2.            _____
    3. pen registers
    4.      _____
    5. traps and traces
    6. _____

  4. Does your agency:

    own a wire room
    own a wire room in conjunction with another agency
    use a wire room maintained by another agency

  5. If your agency does not own a wire room, why?

      Yes No Donít Know
    Cost of equipment
    Cost charged by carriers
    Cost of manpower to monitor
    Other _________________________________________________

  6. If your agency owns a wire room, how many simultaneous intercepts can this equipment handle?

  7. Is this capacity sufficient for your agencyís needs?

    Yes   No   Donít Know  

  8. Who was the vendor for the equipment in your wire room? ____________________

  9. During which calendar year did your agency purchase this equipment? ___________

  10. How much did your agency originally pay for this equipment?

  11. Has your agency paid for any of the following?

    software upgrades --- Cost $_____________
    hardware upgrades --- Cost $_____________
    annual maintenance --- Cost $_____________ (per year)

  12. What was the total cost your agency paid to carriers for electronic surveillances started during calendar year 2004? _______________________________________

  13. How much does your agency pay carriers to conduct a single electronic surveillance without CALEA features? _______________________________________________

  14. Is the number of electronic surveillances your agency conducts hindered by any of the following?

      Yes No Donít Know
    Cost charged by carriers
    Cost to purchase equipment
    Cost of equipment maintenance
    Other _________________________________________________

  15. Has your agency encountered any of the following problems with carriers?

      Yes No Donít Know
    Unable to conduct intercept
    Data provided in unreadable format
    Data not provided timely
    Unresponsive to requests for help
    Lacked technical expertise
    Other _________________________________________________

  16. Does your agency use any of the following CALEA features?

      Yes No Donít Know
    Content of conference call
    Identification of parties of multiparty call
    Access to all dialing and signaling information
    Notification of ringing or busy signal
    Timing information
    Dialed-digit extraction
    Cell site location information
    Other _________________________________________________

  17. Do the following emerging technologies negatively affect your agencyís ability to conduct electronic surveillances?

      Yes No Donít Know
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
    Pre-paid cell phones
    Pre-paid calling cards
    Telephony over Broadband (Cable)
    Text messaging
    PDAs (Blackberry)
    Camera phones
    Other _________________________________________________

  18. Have you contacted the FBIís CALEA Implementation Unit (CIU) or Engineering Research Facility (ERF) to obtain assistance regarding electronic surveillance?

    Yes   No   Donít Know  

    (If you answered No or Donít Know, please stop here)

  19. Have you received any of the following in relation to electronic surveillance from the FBI?

    Training   Hardware   Software   Ad hoc solutions   Donít know 
    None   Other ________________________________

  20. Are you satisfied with the assistance provided by the FBIís CIU or ERF? If No, please discuss on a separate page the areas where the FBI can provide better assistance.

    Yes   No   Donít Know  

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