Federal Bureau of Investigation's Foreign Language Translation Program Follow-Up

Audit Report 05-33
July 2005
Office of the Inspector General

Allegations Raised by Sibel Edmonds
Regarding Foreign Language Program

In a separate matter related to the FBI’s translation program, the OIG investigated allegations raised by Sibel Edmonds, a former contract linguist for the FBI, relating to the FBI’s linguist program. Those allegations included travel voucher fraud, time and attendance abuse, and allegations of security concerns about actions by a co-worker related to potential espionage. The OIG completed a report in July 2004 regarding its investigation of these allegations, which the Department and the FBI classified at the Secret level. Subsequently, in January 2005 the OIG publicly issued an unclassified report summarizing the findings and recommendations contained in the full report. In Appendix 7 we provide an update on the FBI’s response to the recommendations in the OIG’s Edmonds report.

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