Review of the Terrorist Screening Center
(Redacted for Public Release)

Audit Report 05-27
June 2005
Office of the Inspector General

Statement on Internal Controls

In planning and performing our audit of the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), we considered its control structure for the purpose of determining our audit procedures. This evaluation was not made for the purpose of providing assurance on the TSCís internal control structure as a whole. However, we noted certain matters involving internal controls that we considered to be reportable conditions under the Government Auditing Standards.

Reportable conditions involve matters coming to our attention relating to significant deficiencies in the design or operations of the internal control structure that, in our judgment, could adversely affect the TSCís ability to effectively organize a coordinated approach to terrorist screening. We identified weaknesses in: 1) information technology oversight and review, 2) data accuracy and completeness, 3) staffing/hiring of personnel, 4) training provided to call center staff; 5) management of the call center, and 6) strategic planning. These issues are discussed within the body of this report.

Because we are not expressing an opinion on the TSCís internal control structure as a whole, this statement is intended for the information and use of TSC management. This restriction is not intended to limit the distribution of this report.

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