Controls Over Accountable Property at the Baltimore Field Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Report Number 04-37
September 2004
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix 2

Roles of BFD Property Officials

Accountable Property Officer - At the BFD, the Accountable Property Officer is the Special Agent in Charge. According to the Accountable Property Manual, the Accountable Property Officer's responsibilities include coordinating the property management program within the BFD, providing required leadership and guidance to ensure effective internal control procedures are in compliance with the requirements of the FBI, ensuring property records are created, and ensuring the property management program within the BFD is in compliance with the FBI's property management program.

Administrative Officer - The Administrative Officer is responsible for the day-to-day management of administrative activities at the BFD, which includes approving FD-369 forms. The Administrative Officer is also the Approving Official for payment of purchase credit card charges and is responsible for verifying these charges.

Financial Manager - The Financial Manager supervises the BFD's supply technicians and may also approve FD-369 forms. In addition, the Financial Manager reconciles the individual purchase credit card statements to the BFD's master statement and designates to which BFD accounts the payments are to be charged against.

Property Custodian - The BFD has designated nine property custodians as responsible for certain categories of personal property at the BFD. Their responsibilities include securing physical custody of the property, providing information about the property to the supply technicians, and maintaining property documentation. These property custodians maintain control over the following nine property areas: 1) automobiles, 2) computer equipment, 3) ET, 4) firearms, 5) laboratory equipment, 6) office equipment and fixtures, 7) photography equipment, 8) technical equipment, and 9) word processing equipment. The property responsibilities these property custodians have are collateral to their official duties.

Supply Technician - At the BFD, four supply technicians handle the addition of new property to the Property Management Application. Their responsibilities include creating and maintaining inventory records, ensuring maximum utilization of available property, providing for the care and security of property, and identifying property as excess.