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The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Efforts to Improve the Sharing of Intelligence and Other Information

Report No. 04-10
December 2003
Office of the Inspector General


Counterterroism Division Organizational Chart

  • Assistant Director - Counterterroism Division
    • Executive Staff
    • Deputy Assistant Director CT Operations Branch
      • Terrorist Financing Operations Section
        • Radical Fundamentalist Financial Investigative Unit
        • Domestic WMD and Global Financial Investigative Unit
        • Global Extremist Financial Investigative Unit
        • Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit
      • Domestic Terrorism Operations Section
        • Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit
        • WMD Unconventional Threats Operations Unit
        • Special Events Unit
        • WMD Unconventional Threat Countermeasures Unit
      • International Terrorism Operations Section I
        • Regional Extraterritorial Unit
        • Conus I
        • Conus II
      • International Terrorism Operations Section II
        • Global Operations Unit
        • Middle East Operations Unit
        • Iran/Hizballah Unit
      • Terrorism Reports and Requirements Section
        • Reports Policy and Asset Vetting Unit
        • Radical Fundamentalist Extremist Collection, Evaluation, Dissemination Unit
        • Global Middle East Extremist Collection, Evaluation, Dissemination Unit
        • WMD Unconventional Threat Collection, Evaluation, Dissemination Unit
        • Domestice Collection, Evaluation, Dissemination Unit
    • Deputy Assistant Director Operational Support Branch
      • CT Administrative Resource Unit
      • Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force
      • FBI Detailees to Other Government Agencies
      • CT Operational Response Section
        • National Joint Terrorism Task Force
        • Fly Away Rapid Deployment Team Unit
        • Military Liaision & Detainee Unit
      • National Threat Center Staff
        • CT Watch Unit
        • Terrorist Watch and Warning Unit
        • Threat Monitoring Unit
    • Deputy Assistant Director CT Analysis Branch
      • Strategic Assessment and Analysis Unit
      • Presidential Support Group
      • Production and Publications Unit
      • Counterterrorism Analysis Section
        • Domestic Sunni Extremist Unit
        • Shia/Middle East Analysis Unit
        • Foreign Links/Global Targets Analysis Unit
        • Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit
        • WMD and Emerging Weapons Threat Unit
      • Communications Analysis Section
        • Document Exploitation Unit
        • Communications Analysis Unit
        • Electronic Analysis Unit
        • Digital Media Exploitation Unit