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The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Efforts to Improve the Sharing of Intelligence and Other Information

Report Number 04-10
December 2003
Office of the Inspector General


Appendix 2

ACS Automated Case File System
BOLO Be On The Lookout For
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CONUS Continental United States
CTC CIA Counterterrorist Center
CTD Counterterrorism Division
DCI Director of Central Intelligence
DCID Director of Central Intelligence Directive
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DOD Department of Defense
DOJ Department of Justice
DTOS Domestic Terrorism Operations Section
EC Electronic Communication
FISA Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
GAO General Accounting Office
GS General Schedule
IIR Intelligence Information Reports
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
IT Information Technology
ITOS International Terrorism Operations Section
JTTF Joint Terrorism Task Force
JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
LAN Local Area Network
LEO Law Enforcement Online
NCIC National Crime Information Center
NJTTF National Joint Terrorism Task Force
NLETS National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
NSA National Security Agency
NTCS National Threat Center Section
OCONUS Outside Continental United States
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OLEC Office of Law Enforcement Coordination
OI Office of Intelligence
ORCON Originator Controlled
PDD Presidential Decision Directive
PENTTBOM Pentagon/Trade Towers Bombing Investigations
SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information
SCOPE Secure Counterterrorism Operational Prototype Environment
SIOC Strategic Information and Operations Center
SVTS Secure Video Teleconferencing System
TFOS Terrorist Financing Operations Section
TRRS Terrorism Reports and Requirements Section
TS/SCI LAN Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information Local Area Network
TTIC Terrorist Threat Integration Center
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction