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Federal Bureau of Investigation Casework and Human Resource Allocation

Report No. 03-37
September 2003
Office of the Inspector General


Chapter 1: FBI Organization Chart
as of 05/21/2003

  • Director/Deputy Director (p)
    • SAC Advisory Committee (p)
    • Chief of Staff (p)
    • Inspection Division (p)
    • Office of Public Affairs (p)
    • Congressional Affairs Office (p)
    • Office of the Ombudsman (p)
    • Office of the General Counsel (p)
    • Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (p)
    • Chief Information Officer (r)
    • Office of Professional Responsibility (p)
    • Executive Assistant Director for Intelligence (r)
      • Office of Intelligence (r)
    • Cyber Division (r)
    • Criminal Investigative Division (p)
    • Executive Assistant Director for Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence
      • Counterterrorism Division (p)
      • Counterintelligence Division (p)
    • Executive Assistant Director for Law Enforcement Services (r)
      • Office of Law Enforcement Coordination (r)
      • Office of International Operations (p)
      • Incident Response Group (p)
      • Training Division (p)
      • Laboratory Division (p)
      • Criminal Justice Information Services Division (p)
      • Investigative Technologies Division (r)
    • Executive Assistant Director for Administration (r)
      • Office of Strategic Planning (p)
      • Records Management Division (r)
      • Security Division (r)
      • Administrative Services Division (p)
      • Finance Division (p)
      • Information Resources Division (p)

Source: FBI Finance Division

p = component existing prior to reorganization
r = component created in reorganization