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Federal Bureau of Investigation Casework and Human Resource Allocation

Report No. 03-37
September 2003
Office of the Inspector General


Exhibit 2-1
FBI Budget Process

1 Start FBI Finance Division Meets with Executive Managers to formulate budget requests for the upcoming year
2 Action FBI Finance Division Meets with Strategic Planning Office
3 Action FBI Finance Division Develops budget planning requests
4 Action FBI Executive Managers Develops budget requests based on AFORs & consultation with field offices
5 Action FBI Finance Division Reviews budget requests & makes recommendations
6 Action FBI Executive Managers Reviews recommendations & makes priority rankings for budget requests
7 Action FBI Finance Division Revises budget requests to comply with current AG & OMB guidelines
8 Action FBI Finance Division Coordinates with JMD to produce final budget request
9 Decision Attorney General (AG) AG reviews & approves budget request
10 Decision Office of Management and Budget (OMB) OMB reviews & approves budget request
11 Decision Justice Management Division (JMD) JMD reviews & approves budget request
12 Action Congress Discusses budget request extensively with FBI Director
13 End Congress Approves budget
14 Decision Congress May amend budget
15 Decision Congress May supplement budget