Federal Bureau of Investigation's Management of Information Technology Investments

Report No. 03-09
December 2002
Office of the Inspector General


Executive Summary


  1. Background
  2. The FBI's Management of IT Infrastructure
  3. Prior Reports on the FBI's IT and DOJ Oversight of Components' IT
  4. The FBI's Current IT Investment Efforts
  5. Trilogy: The FBI's Largest IT Investment
  6. Framework for Assessing IT Investment Management
  7. The DOJ's ITIM Guidance
  8. The FBI's Recent Efforts to Implement an ITIM Process

OIG Findings and Recommendations

  1. The FBI's Management of IT Investments
    1. The FBI's Progress Toward Attaining a Basic IT Investment Management Foundation
    2. The FBI's Ability to Improve its IT Investment Practices
    3. Trilogy Case Study
  2. The FBI's IT Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement
    1. Background on Strategic Planning
    2. Strategic Planning's Relationship to the ITIM Process
    3. Results of our Assessment of the FBI's IT Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement
    4. Summary
    5. Recommendation

Statement on Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Statement on Management Controls

Appendix 1: Objectives, Scope, and Methodoloty

Appendix 2: Flowchart of FBI's ITIM Control Phase

Appendix 3: Flowchart of FBI's ITIM Evaluate Phase

Appendix 4: JMD's Assessment of the FBI's ITIM Process

Appendix 5: GAO's Five Stages of Enterprise Architecture Maturity

Appendix 6: FBI's Enterprise Architecture Maturity Survey

Appendix 7: FBI's Response to the Draft Report

Appendix 8: OIG, Audit Division Analyses and Summary of Actions Necessary to Close Report