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Federal Bureau of Investigation's Management of Information Technology Investments

Report No. 03-09
December 2002
Office of the Inspector General



Graphic of the FBI's ITIM Evaluate Phase.  For a text version see the table below.
Source: FBI’s training materials for the ITIM process as of February 2002.


  Start Action/Process/Flow Decision
1 Monthly Reviews   Go to #2
2   Project Teams complete Post implementation Review information. Go to #3
3   Project Sponsor Reviews /Business Sponsor Reviews Go to #4
4   Approve? Yes - Go to #5
No - Go to #2
5   Submits Review Package to PMO for Assessment. Go to #6
6   PMO reviews and summarizes the material for POC. Go to #7
7   POC reviews and develops recommendations for ERB action. Go to #8
8   Active Group? Yes - Go to #10
No - Go to #9
9   ERB reviews recommendations for process improvement. Go to #11
10   ERB reviews recommendations for continued investment. Go to #11
11   EA/PMO documents best practices and communicates to all other program teams. End