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The Combined DNA Index System

Report No. 01-26
September 17, 2001
Office of the Inspector General



The objectives of our audit were to determine the extent of state and local laboratory participation in CODIS, particularly for those entities receiving laboratory grants and to evaluate the FBI's implementation and monitoring of CODIS.

We conducted our audit in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and included such tests as were considered necessary to accomplish the audit objectives. Our audit generally covered the period October 1998 through January 2001. To accomplish the objectives of the audit, we:

In addition, we conducted audits at eight CODIS-participating laboratories to determine if they were in compliance with the QAS and NDIS requirements. A description of the laboratory selection process, along with a listing of the eight laboratories we audited, is discussed on the following page. At these laboratories we:

We audited the eight laboratories listed on the following page and issued a separate report to the FBI for each laboratory. The FBI provided oversight while the laboratories took corrective action to resolve our audit findings. Of the eight laboratories audited, the FBI asked that we audit the three laboratories located in Florida. We selected the remaining five laboratories based on the large number of DNA profiles the laboratories had uploaded to NDIS while giving consideration to the selection of a geographic distribution of laboratories throughout the country.